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Keyword Research Tutorial – Step By Step Guide

Keyword research is one of the most important things to be considered by digital marketers especially if they are new to the domain, or in the case have a limited knowledge about the product or services delivered by the businesses. Experienced digital marketers may not necessarily prefer keyword research for all the products/services they deal […]

What is Off-page SEO: Everything About the Off-site SEO

Digital marketers also refer off-page SEO to, Off-site SEO Off-page activities Backlinks Citations to website   This article covers The Definition of Off-page Types of links & objectives Types of Bots Types of Websites for Off-page Why Off-page SEO has to be done for a website Picking right anchor text Is off-page needed for credible […]

7 SEO content Writing Guidelines/Instructions For Digital Marketers & Content Writers:

  Any piece of content published on the internet is more fruitful to users and search engines if and only if the content writer has a basic understanding about how users and Google bots are going to give importance to their writing. It is more demanding for both content writers and search engine optimizers (SEO) […]

How to Improve The Click through Rate (CTR) Of Organic Search Results Of website?

Many digital marketers know a lot about CTR and many business owners who are involved in the digital marketing implementation for their business also would have come across about this and here is a quick brainstorm for both Digital marketers and business owners on what is CTR and How it can be improved. Definition of […]

All You Have To Know About Display Ads, Targeting & Ad Content

Display Advertising

They’re everywhere! From the radios blaring in your cars down to the wrapping paper that covers your takeout food, advertisements(ads) are everywhere. There is probably no sphere of communication that ads have not used to their advantage to sell and market different products and services. Of all of them, Display Ads seem to be in […]

Marketing Definition and Types Of Marketing

Marketing meaning

Marketing Meaning: The series of action performed or business of promoting the product, services, or content through market research and advertising. Marketing is basically a tactic in practice to promote or sell the product, service or content based on the market research, market trends, forecasts and creative skills. Marketing involves the following objectives in order […]

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