Women are not the weak, not scared, not dumb, they all possess great skills and have great aims but unfortunately, they are all giving up by taking the responsibility of parenting, the responsibility of taking care of household works and more.

women prefer a lot and can do lot more than you think!

  • Many women prefer working
  • Prefer earning
  • Prefer being independent
  • Prefer to contribute financially to the family
  • Prefer to outstand
  • Prefer to be respected
  • Prefer to be Knowledgeable

But unfortunately,

  • They have restrictions
  • They have more other responsibilities
  • More uncommon problems
  • More illtreated
  • and many more.

Not a housewife?

If you looking for a real-time experience in digital marketing we will mentor you on live projects. Fell lucky to grab this opportunity for free!

Note: This is for and will be considered only ten people once in a year, meanwhile this has so many conditions to be fulfilled and the person who falls in the criteria will be mentored for Free.

Considering all of these conditions of women Kandra Digital has come up with a Digital marketing course training specifically designed for homemaker women, parenting women, and women with restrictions.

Kandra Digital Trainings are specially designed to serve the purpose so that women can,

  • Learn Digital marketing from home
  • Can learn in their free times
  • Very minimal fee, it's all affordable

Can earn from home too!

Find Out What's Best For You!

Figure out what's the best career option for you.

Digital Marketing Course Schedules

Course Duration Course Fee Dates
Social Media 20 Hrs Rs. 0 October 1-30 (Only Working Days)
SEO 25 Hrs Rs. 0 October 1-30 (Only Working Days)
SEM/Google Adwords 30 Hrs Rs. 0 October 1-30 (Only Working Days)
Content Marketing 10 Hrs Rs.0 October 1-30 (Only Working Days)
All in One 45-50 Hrs Rs. 0 No more slots available

Very Limited Seats

Digital Marketing course training.

Here is a special advantage if you get trained by Kandra Digital!

  • Kandra Digital gets the work/project for you
  • Kandra Digital will put you in touch with people who can provide work to you
  • Kandra Digital guides you on delivering the work/project

And hence you can work from home and still earn better!

Looking for full time job?

Kandra Digital provides full-time employment role for professionals who take paid training. Explore more and find out the appropriate course for you!

The above all applies to people who never worked but has degree/ post-degree with a decent skill set.

People with prior work experience would prefer to continue with what they were doing earlier at their offices, but in case if they cannot do the same work type sitting at home they too can consider exploring the above options.