Free Digital Marketing Trainings Only To Qualified Job Seekers

We are conducting free digital marketing trainings to candidates who ever clears the exam, it will be conducted only once a year and for not more than 10 students.


Free digital marketing training is a small contribution from Kandra digital in eradicating the unemployment and meanwhile creating value to the skill full people who are not finding an opportunity/platform to prove themselves.

Are you a housewife and willing to learn a skill?

You have got a specially designed course, we have an online digital marketing course training for the women of high aspirations. Knadra Digital provides you a free training, book your slot.

If you are not a housewife and looking actively for a Digital marketing career at the corporates consider going through the details published below.

How is this program different from any other Digital marketing institutes?

  1. You will get a chance to learn on the job, this is live mentorship program.

  2. Limited theory and everything is practical

  3. You will be learning all the core channels of Digital marketing, which are of very high demand in the market.

    • SEO
    • SEM
    • Social Media
    • Content marketing
  4. 3-4 Months of rigorous practice on only one channel (Many institutes outside aim at completing everything in 2-3 months and that too theoretical)

  5. You will get a chance to speak to the clients

  6. You will be becoming more independent and confident

  7. You will have great market value compared to any other digital marketing freshers

  8. You will be possessing a knowledge equivalent to few years experienced marketing professionals

    You will be more of like a leader, rather than resource in digital marketing teams

    You will be developing your interpersonnal and soft skills

    You will be mastering excel, charts/graphs and power point presentations by end of the program, and without which digital marketers cannot live!

  9. Your trainer is an industry expert and has hands-on experience with the biggest brands of India

  10. At the end of the year will get a year completion certificate

  11. will find a job for you

Process to become part of this free program

  1. A Candidate who is interested in this has to register to take up the exam on website
  2. There will be few hundreds of candidates taking up this exam and you will be one of them
  3. All the highest scorers will be considered for next level of screening along with their other skills, communication, creative skills, marketing interests and more
  4. An interview will be conducted to the final shortlisted candidates and will be nominating the 10 who so ever performs well in test and interview
  5. Candidates whoever get selected will be offered this free training program
  6. The candidate might have to pay a refundable deposit to start with the program and on successful completion of the program, it all will be returned.

Free digital marketing training is a small contribution from Kandra digital in eradicating the unemployment and meanwhile creating value to the skill full people who are not finding an opportunity/platform to prove themselves.

Interested In This Free Digital marketing Program?

Apply Today!

Exam Process For Free Digital marketing Program

Exam Process Category Type
1st Round Aptitude Written Test
2nd Round Communication & Marketing Knowledge Written Test
3rd Ground Communication Group Discussion(Optional)
4th Round Aptitude, Logical & Reasoning, Communication, Marketing Skills, and more F2F

For Whom This Is Best Suitable

  • Candidates who are aiming for well paid digital marketing jobs
  • Candidates who think they are not good at programming and has some interest towards technology, numbers, and marketing
  • People with good analytical and logical skills
  • People with good communication skills
  • Candidates who have family businesses and planning to pursue it in the future
  • Candidates who love digital marketing

This is very unlike to training conducted by the regular digital marketing institutes. We are aiming at building a ready to work professionals, who will be learning completely on the job.

Who Can Apply ?


  • Anybody with a degree or master degree can take part in this program since our program objective is to provide an opportunity to the talented candidates who are struggling for an opportunity.
  • Candidates ages shouldn't be beyond 25 years
  • No marks/passing attempts criteria, even people with backlogs can apply for this
  • Candidates from any part of the country can apply for this
  • Already working professionals are not eligible


Explore the opportunities!

Researches say!

A normal person would need at least an year to excel in things, and a person inversting a small duration would not reap any benefits except for waste in their valuable time

You don't fall into this criteria?

We have paid digital marketing training programs for you!

Digital marketing Salaries

  • The below-mentioned salary is as per my experience and I have come across the same slabs in the companies I have worked or was associated with.
  • There are many companies which don't even understand the power of digital marketing and they always end up hiring the low profile people who just would have taken certificates from the training institutes with very minimal hands-on experience.

Digital Marketing Professionals Salaries At Start Of Their Careers

Experience in Years Salary Min/month Rs. Salary Max/month Rs. Annual Salary Rs.
0-1 Rs.15000 Rs.40000 Rs. 1.8lac- 4.8 lac
1-2 Rs.35000 Rs.50000 Rs. 4.2lac- 6lac
2-3 Rs.50000 Rs.70000 Rs. 6lac- 8.6lac
3-4 Rs.70000 Rs.100000 Rs. 8.6lac- 12lac
4-5 Rs.100000 Rs.150000 Rs. 12lac- 18lac
5-10 Rs.150000 Rs.300000 Rs. 18lac- 36lac

Digital Marketing Jobs & Recruitment

  • Knadra Digital takes care of the placement for all of the ten candidates

  • Kandra ensures that the trainees who have one year of experience in digital marketing would be recruited at the industry standard CTC's

  • Kandra digital is already working with many corporates providing Digital marketing services, recruitment and consulting and hence there is a well-established portfolio.

  • kandra digital recruits employees internally

Terms And Condition

  1. You cannot apply again and again to this program. It's a one time opportunity for an individual.
  2. No references accepted purely performance-based
  3. No paid training conducted


One Time Registeration

Don't apply multiple times if you had already applied!

What learner say about us!

It was a great learning experience and I recommend Kandra Digital for any kind of Digital marketing training.

I have secured a job at a good company and my package is as per my expectations and as per Kandra digital assurance.


Ravi Kumar, Bangalore