Want To Be A Good Digital Marketer? Know The Traits Of A Good Digital marketer

Who doesn’t want to be a good or recognized Digital marketer! We all strive and work hard to be a better one, better one compared to our yesterday & today and it’s a great attitude if you are thinking of this. Unfortunately, your all energy is being stressed on one particular thing and that’s when it really becomes hard for you and you won’t be able to push yourself to the next level.


  • Your focus only in acquiring knowledge of tools, or
  • Focus only on writing a good content, or
  • Focus only on delivering the tasks or meeting deadline on the same, or
  • Focus only on reading content related to your domain

Whatever if you are not concerned about the few tens of the things which actually play 80% role in uplifting you, in creating an identity for you at a workplace, in building your credibility then you are not a good Digital marketer or be any profession you cannot be a good performer.

How can you be a great performer in your domain?

Being a great performer is,

  • Not just acquiring the domain knowledge
  • Not just being punctual
  • Not just being obedient

Obviously, all these are great qualities/skills to have, but then these are not the only things that you should be mastering at. For sure you would feel great if you are also good at the following, and according to me these are the most crucial skills a digital marketer to be possessing


  1. Great data analysis & interpretation skills

Don’t confuse it with the excel skill, it’s a different one and here you actually learn how to process the data and understand, and once you have an understanding of it you will be interpreting things. This skill is the one that makes you the real digital marketer and you would deal with any kind of marketing platform, audience, content if you are good at this.


Also, you should be in a position

  • To understand the sources of data
  • Formats of data
  • Compiling the data
  • Where your thinking should be structured
  • Where you should be good at excel skills


Regardless of the platform you work, there should be at least two-three analysis to be done on a daily basis on the data available.


  1. Learn core of the domain/basics properly

Learning something to its cores improves your confidence levels when you are speaking, & provides a valid base for anything you deal with.


  1. You question each and everything that you see part of your work

You learn better only when you question. Many times you get answers only when you question, as basically, people make assumptions that you should be knowing and many times your assumptions too about it are wrong and there is no loss in cross-checking it.

“You better stop working if you can’t question and understand things the way you want”

“You learn only when you are convinced, no point of learning when you can’t actually convince yourself when you hesitate


  1. Presentation skills (Show off):

You all know that you are contributing a lot and you would be actually doing much more than your manager/management needed/expected, but what if they are not recognizing or realizing it? Hence, you have to be taking care of this at most priority, you have to help them understand what’s happening with you.


There is one more keynote that you have to consider, they are not expecting just an update but something bigger an achievement, an extraordinary thing, an interesting thing from you, which can help in growing the business or fixing the issues in the system. Doing things that benefit the organization is actually benefiting you more than an organization, such benefits include bringing fame/credibility for you at the organization, better salaries and designation, and lot more.


Many times most of the simple things you are doing would be an achievement, an extraordinary thing, an interesting thing to them and hence you should keep conveying the things.


  1. Being proactive/Hyperactive

You cannot expect always someone to come and help you, train you, educate you, evaluate you or be it anything, people never come to you, they never think of uplifting you. Everybody is just busy with their lives and if you cannot get involved yourself for your betterment no one is going to help you.


  1. Deal everything logically/Technically

As a Digital marketer you cannot blindly assume or inherit the knowledge from your seniors or peers, you have to acquire knowledge where you should be able to answer anything and everything logically & technically. A digital marketer will be valued only when he can provide a valid explanation or should be in a position to prove what he/she speaks.



  1. Lots of common sense

Digital marketers profile is very unlike to any other profile, and having a good sense and sound judgment is very much required for the following reasons:

  • Digital marketers need to interact with many other teams in the organization
  • Digital marketers deal with varieties of data and come across varieties of cases
  • Digital marketers deal with the budget on the account and platform they work on and sound judgment is very much needed at every instance of their work plan
  • Digital marketer come across varieties of problems/loopholes on the account and having a proper sense over it helps them to avoid it.


  1. Monitor & track account every day

Digital marketer’s life would really become very boring if they just have to work and not to track the outcome of it. The results you monitor are the one that

  • motivates you
  • helps you to learn more
  • keeps your work interesting
  • gives you a good hold on the domain and more

If you are not tracking your implementations outcome you would lose all of the above benefits and you cannot be a good digital marketer.


  1. Be a go-getter of everything you need to execute your marketing activities successfully

Digital marketing need support from various teams within the organization or outside vendors, such as, technology teams, content writers, sales team, operations and more, and if they are not a go-getter person their implementations cannot go as per the expectations and they will see a delayed progress and thereafter their performance for the month or targets are not achieved.


  1. Be a leader


  1. Define things at the organization level and lead them


  1. Set up a process for everything you deal with


  1. Have a clear thought process on everything you think a do


  1. Timely delivery and meeting deadlines


  1. Being practical/Realistic


  1. Share knowledge/Mentor people around

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