Best Work From Home Options For Women Struggling To Balance Professional & Personal Life

Struggling To Balance Professional & Personal Life?

balancing professional & personal life

Many women struggle to balance the professional life and personal life and this scenario happens in most of the households. A woman has a lot of responsibilities at her home and for a person bearing such huge responsibilities of family and work, it becomes a tedious task to maintain balance.

Why is it that a woman has to go through all this?

Women are no longer treated the same as they were. People are evolving, knowledge is illuminating, it’s no longer a world where women are treated any inferior to men. In every spectrum, women are competing and have reached the same level and above as men.
Women has to go through a lot of hindrances in order to have a secure job, one of which is maternity. Hence, they look for best work from home jobs or the working options where they can consider working from home and earn as good as full-time employees of any organization.

A bit more on empowering the women!

This section includes a discussion on why women prefer working and you might very well relate yourself

Wondering what can be the right option?

Kandra digital has compiled the list of work types which doesn’t necessarily need a person to go to the office and can be delivered from anywhere.

Content Writing

Content writing

Content writing can be considered as one of the best jobs for a women who is looking to work from home. People have been in this occupation for a long time now and make decent money while enjoying the work for a couple of hours everyday.

Skills one should possess to take up this work

  • Good written communication skills
  • Good research skills
  • Basic knowledge of MS Excel and Word Document

Graphic Design

Graphic design

Graphic Design is another job where you can have fun and would appear to be more interesting to a person who is creative and innovative in every aspect and can be the most suitable profile to work on. usually, people approach you with specific requirement/concept and you have to get an illustration or an image that conveys all of their concept in it.

Skills a graphic designer to possess

  • Should know the tools like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel DRAW
  • Should be extremely creative
  • Should have lots of patience
  • Knowledge about the color combinations and fonts

WordPress Website Development

Website development

WordPress development is simple and it can be learned easily by anyone with a some basic knowledge about the web technologies. WordPress is much easier if the work type is not too demanding for lots of customization and special features on the website.

For Eg: is built by a homemaker, she has never worked at any organization but possess a decent educational background and with some training by Kandra digital she was able to build this beautiful website. Ain’t that amazing?

Skills a WordPress developer to possess

  • Understanding about the web
  • Limited knowledge of HTML & CSS (Optional)
  • People of engineering and computer application streams can do great.
  • Overall all learning WordPress website development needs just being aware of some steps/process as everything is already available for website development.

Note: If you have to build everything by yourself you have to be excellent at PHP programming language. HTML, CSS, and JS but then this development mentioned here is by using the readily available themes. Click here to create/develop a website in simple steps.

Want to learn WordPress?

Kandra Digital and web technologies can help you in learning the WordPress at free of cost. (it’s free only to homemakers and for everybody else its a paid learning)

Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is currently the trending work type and its need is increasing by a significant level everyday and this in turn is creating more jobs for content writers and graphic designers.

Digital marketing is something needed for every business types and without which the survival has become much tougher for the business of current era.

There are lakhs of women, already working from home by taking up the digital marketing jobs. Many companies don’t need an employee to be sitting at their office, they just need the promotional/marketing activities to be implemented and reap the benefits of it and hence this need has created a well paying jobs for professionals who possess digital marketing skills

Skills need to take up digital marketing jobs:

There are varieties of jobs in digital marketing and the type of work to be taken depends on the skill or knowledge a person posses.


  1. A person with very good communication and creative skills can be trained for Social media
  2. A person with very good analytical skills and communication can take up the Google Adwords/SEM/PPC
  3. A person with good analytical skills, logical and reasoning skills can take up the SEO job.
  4. A person good at marketing knowledge and communication can take up the content marketing job.

Not sure what’s best for you? Find out here what suits you

If you happen to be an expertise in any of the above,then you have a high rate of landing at a fruitful job.

Interested In Learning Digital Marketing ?

To fulfill the desire of women to work from home we have devised a digital marketing course training for free.


Every criteria given above is specifically for those women who have never worked but have a degree/ post-degree/ skill set to their name.

Any individuals with a prior work experience can continue with what they were working earlier at their offices, but if they cannot do the same work type sitting at home they too can consider exploring the above options.


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