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Best Content Writing Companies In Ahmedabad

In today’s digitally powered age, an organization’s digital presence defines its success or failure. While the popularity of a website depends on numerous factors, the role of quality content cannot be ignored. This forms the divide between a potential client ignoring the website after reading the first page or someone looking to shift their service […]

Top Content Writing Companies In India

How can business owners and marketers benefit by working with these content writing companies in India? I own a digital marketing company and often need content, which means I need to engage with freelance content writers and content writing firms on a regular basis. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? According to SEMrush, creating content that resonates […]

Top 12 Best Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Bangalore

In the last one decade or so the world has exhibited a paradigm shift from analog to digital. Digital Marketing is reaching out to more and more people as they consume all kinds of information online and ergo, Digital Marketing is an unsurpassed way of garnering authentic information and thereby promoting your business to your […]

Is KnowledgeHut’s Backlink Profile Better Than Simplilearn’s?

Study: KnowledgeHut Vs. Simplilearn Backlink Profile Report Date: 15 August 2018 KnowledgeHut and Simplilearn are two big players in the education domain and are been into the professional training and certification for a while. Simplilearn was founded at least 3 years earlier than KnowledgeHut and it is also being funded since 2012, whereas KnowledgeHut started […]

Digital Marketing Monthly Reporting Format & Template

“You will never win until you start realizing the importance of reviewing your implementation and its progress on a regular basis” This digital marketing monthly report is built by Kandra Digital to help digital marketers and to simplify the tracking month on month. This report includes tracking of SEO metrics, Social Media Metrics, Paid Marketing […]

Facts You Cannot Deny Knowing About Content Marketing

Marketing content writing– Content has to be written from the marketing perspective, the person who is writing articles should possess marketing knowledge. Marketing is easy when a person has got an adequate knowledge about the product and is serving it to the end user with the focus on objectives Content promotion– Promotion of content to […]

Best Work From Home Options For Women Struggling To Balance Professional & Personal Life

Struggling To Balance Professional & Personal Life? Many women struggle to balance the professional life and personal life and this scenario happens in most of the households. A woman has a lot of responsibilities at her home and for a person bearing such huge responsibilities of family and work, it becomes a tedious task to maintain […]

Best Career Options for Unhappy Sales Professionals- Shift to Digital Marketing

career transition to digital marketing

Sales professionals form an integral part and a core of any business, without them the complete organization’s efforts would be futile. Despite market demand, they are still not happy and are looking for best career options, and this usually happens in the initial stages of their sales career. For a sales professional it’s important to […]