Fitness Industry Market Insights

Diet and Fitness industry is much bigger and it is growing much bigger year on year across the globe. We have done a small research on the fitness industry measuring the potential, scope and current players in India and a comparison against other developed countries.

Note: The data is collected as of December 2017 and by now the numbers would have changed at a significant level.


  • The current retail market for health & fitness is around Rs. 7000 crores and expected to grow by Rs.10,000 crore plus

  • Gym and Weight loss/gain are the most in demand requirements in Indian markets

Countries Share in the Industry- Revenue

  • India stands out of competition with a negligible share of 0.5%
  • The US is the biggest market
  • Germany, UK, and Brazil each have a 10% coverage


Category In demand in the market

  • Globally fitness stands at the highest demand
  • Gym, weight loss/gain & workouts stands at the second highest priority

Category Demand India

  • In India, weight loss/gain and Gym needs stand at the highest demand
  • Yoga & Fitness related requirement are the second highest in demand


India’s Top Fitness Centers

  • Talwalkar’s Gym
  • Fitness First
  • Gold’s Gym
  • Fitness One
  • Ozone Fitness and Spa


Market Places

  • CureFit ($46 million)
  • HealthifyMe ($7 million)
  • HUG Innovations ($5 million)
  • BolttSportsTechnologies ($1 million)
  • Fitternity ($1 million)
  • MobieFit Technologies ($1 million)
  • Fitpass ($2 million).

Companies Capital raised and their revenues

Company Total Capital Raised $mn Revenue $mn
Cult/curefit 45 NA
HealthifyMe 7 35
HUG Innovations 5 3
Boltt Sports Technologies 1 NA
Fitternity 1 10.4
Mobiefit 1 NA
Fitpass 2 5.6

Outside Gym

  • People who are interested in fitness, but don’t want to go Gym and despite prefer the following activities

Key Growth Drivers Of Fitness Industry

  • Growing disposable income and higher discretionary expenditure
  • Rising lifestyle diseases, obesity, diabetes
  • Rising awareness of healthy lifestyle among Indians
  • Industry least affected by slowdown in economy
  • Growing young population which is the target market
  • Rapid urbanization and westernization

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