PMP Certification Training

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Project Management Professional certification is the best gateway to accelerate your career and build up a competitive edge in Project Management. PMP Certification not only builds up a strong base in managing any project but also brushes up the old agile concepts. With the PMP Certification and training course, Project Managers can polish their skills and recognize their abilities as an expert PMP professional to manage projects.

PMP Certification Training

(1 customer review)

Project Management Professional certification is the best gateway to accelerate your career and build up a competitive edge in Project Management. PMP Certification not only builds up a strong base in managing any project but also brushes up the old agile concepts. With the PMP Certification and training course, Project Managers can polish their skills and recognize their abilities as an expert PMP professional to manage projects.

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Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a worldwide recognised certification which will need no explanation and can automatically tell the employers, peers and professional world, the level of expertise an individual has as a Project Manager. PMP course and training will help to realise unfamiliar territories and challenge much of the known knowledge and experiences of project managers. The Project Managers will be given a detailed insight that is known and possessed by very few people in this profession.

Project Managers will earn 35 hours of contact classes which are required for the PMP certification exam application. Project Managers will also get extra hours of doubt clearing sessions and tips to face the PMP exam confidently. The Project Managers will be assigned hands-on projects based on real life examples and industry based scenarios as a case study. Each individual will be prepared for the PMP certification exam from the perspective of PMI. Full support with great mentorship by PMI registered education providers with all the resources you need to pass your PMP certification exam will be provided. Project Managers will also get flexible slots and hours of e-learning by top educators and practitioners. 

The PMP certification course will cover all the necessary information from introducing PMP Certification, Professional and social roles and responsibilities, Project Management framework and processes to learning integration management, schedule management and managing project cost and quality which a Project Manager needs to pass the PMP certification exam.. 

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Key Features

Learning Objectives


Why Become a Project Management Professional?

Keeping Up-to-date knowledge about Project Management skills and practices and expertise is very important in this competitive world. There are constantly growing demands for project-oriented roles every year, and hence skilled and professional Project Managers are always in high demand. In the growing competition, only the Project Manager with Agile skills and innovative practices will survive and succeed. 

PMP certification and training courses guide you with the best expertise and experiences in handling projects which an employer seeks and ensure great earning potential by expanding your knowledge, value as well as skills which will help you to grow better and succeed. PMP Certification and training helps to tune your brain in the best effective way to manage and handle any project. This will help you to land in attractive ITs, finance, healthcare and other exciting industries as a Project Management professional. PMP certification training ensures better project performance and a decent pay rise.

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Initiating a Project

    a. Develop a Project Charter

    b. Identify Project Stakeholders

Planning a Project

    a. Develop a Project Management Plan

    b. Plan Scope Management

    c. Collect Project Requirements

    d. Define Project Scope

    e. Create a WBS

Executing a Project

    a. Direct and Manage Project Work

    b. Perform Quality Assurance

    c. Acquire Project Team

    d. Develop Project Team

    e. Manage a Project Team

    f. Manage Communications

    g. Conduct Procurements

    h. Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Monitoring and controlling a Project

a. Monitor and Control Project Work

b. Perform Integrated Change Control

c. Validate Project Scope

d. Control Project Scope

e. Control the Project Schedule

f. Control Project Costs

g. Control Project Quality

h. Control Communications

i. Control Project Risks

j. Control Project Procurements

k. Control Stakeholder Engagement

Closing a Project

    a. Close Project or Phase

    b. Close Procurements

Any individual aspiring to build their career in Project Management can take this course. The  PMP certification training is ideal for:

  • Associate Project Managers
  • IT Project Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Project Leaders
  • Senior Project Managers
  • Project Analysts
  • Team Leaders
  • Program Managers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Project Team Members who want to clear PMP certification

Before you apply, make sure you meet of the following sets of PMP Certification requirements:

  1. A four-year degree
  2. 36 months leading projects
  3. 35 hours of Project Management education/training or CAPM® Certification

The PMP certification exam format is as follows:

  • Exam format: Multiple Choice Questions

  • No. of Questions: 200

  • Exam Duration: 4 hours
  • Passing score: Determined through psychometric analysis
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    Career Path

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    Certification Process


    Fulfill eligibility criteria specified by the Project Management Institute


    Become a PMI member


    Attend an in-person PMP training session or get a self-study course


    Fill the application online within 90 days


    Schedule and take the exam


    Get the PMP certification on successfully clearing the exam

    Interactive learning experience & Certificate

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    PMP Certification Training

    What are the prerequisites to attend PMP Certification training?

    PMP is a professional certification which certifies an individual’s project management skills and competencies. Therefore, the certification needs some basic prerequisites as groundwork before starting the training for PMP Certification. The prerequisites for attending PMP Certification Training include:


    • Completion of a four-year degree
    • At least 36 months experience in leading projects
    • Have at least 35 hours of project management education or project management training or at least have CAPM Certification


    • Have  a high school diploma or at least an associate degree (or at least a global equivalent of such a degree)
    • At least 60 months experience in leading projects
    • Have at least 35 hours of project management education or project management training or at least have CAPM Certification
    Who can take PMP Certification training?

    PMP Certification Training proves beneficial for:

    • Project Managers supervising specific and/or critical projects
    • Project Managers supervision cross functional teams in order to complete a specific project/s
    • Managers responsible of completion of projects in critical scenarios such as schedule, resource, and budget constraints
    • Members of such teams 
    • Members of support functions helping the teams in completing the projects
    Is there an online/virtual training available for the PMP Certification course?

    Yes there is an online/virtual training for preparing the individuals to undertake the rigorous and difficult examination of PMP Certification Course.

    How long does it take to complete the PMP Certification training?

    PMP Certification training is provided by various accredited centers and organizations across the globe. While some institutions design the training program for a rigorous 36 hours online session, other institutions develop the training program to span across 10 days (2 hours each). You should choose the institution based on its reputation and teaching methodology since the PMP Certification Examination is a difficult yet rigorous examination. Clearing such an examination in one chance requires adequate training.

    Is training mandatory to take the PMP Certification exam?

    Yes it is mandatory to undergo at least 35 hours of formal project management training before appearing for the PMP Certification exam. This training would also help the professionals to understand the concept and course material better while preparing them for adequate application of PMP within their respective organizations.

    PMP Certification Exam

    What is the PMP Certification exam format?

    PMP Certification Examination is a combination of multiple-choice, multiple responses, matching, hotspot and limited fill-in-the-blank question paper containing 180 questions and needs to be completed in 230 minutes.

    What is the pass percentage of the PMP Certification exam?

    While earlier a passing score of 61% had to be scored to qualify for PMP Certification, the passing score is currently calculated on the difficulty level of the PMP examination questions. The easier questions, higher would be the requisite percentage to pass. However, you can attempt to achieve at least 70% score in order to successfully clear the PMP Certification Examination.

    What if I fail the PMP Certification exam?

    The PMP Certification Examination is a difficult examination. Since the examination is conducted online, the results are almost announced instantly. In case you fail the exam, you can retake it. Use various Python libraries to visualize data. Create and customize plots on real data

    How many attempts do I have to pass the PMP Certification exam?

    You get one year examination eligibility period once your application for the PMP Certification examination is accepted. Within this one year eligibility period in case you fail to succeed in the first attempt you can retake the exam two more times. 

    If you fail the examination three times in one year, you need to undergo a mandatory one year waiting period before you can re-apply. After the one year waiting period, you would be allowed to re-apply by paying the requisite fees and get another year and three more chances to clear the PMP Certification Examination.

    PMP Certification Certification

    What is a PMP Certification?

    Project Management is a crucial role in every organization. The role gains further prominence in the current difficult economic and competitive market scenarios. Therefore, there is a need for well trained and certified professionals in project oriented roles. PMP Certification tends to equip the individual with the right balance of knowledge (of all the latest project management technologies and ways) and the real time application of such knowledge in the workspace. This certification, therefore, holds immense importance for all the project managers, the team mates of such project managers, and all other people who are either directly or indirectly related to completion of projects, including the support staff of the organisation.

    How to get a PMP Certification?

    In order to get the PMP Certification, an applicant needs to:

    • Comply with the prerequisites before applying for PMP Certification
    • Register for the PMP Training and complete it
    • Take the PMP Examination
    • Clear the PMP Examination with at least scoring the passing marks
    • Get the certification
    Who provides the PMP Certification?

    The PMP Certification is provided by PMI (Project Management Institute). This certification is well recognized across the world and is acceptable as a standard to measure the competency levels of project managers.

    Is it worth becoming a PMP Certification?

    Yes, it is. An individual holding a PMP Certification benefits not only the individual but also the organization, such an individual is employed with. Some of the benefits of such a certification include:

    • Defines the credibility of the individual in managing projects
    • Increase the value of the individual in the job market
    • Employers are assured of the specific skill set and acumen required for managing projects within the organizational framework while managing the turbulent organizational environment
    • PMP Certified individuals have been found to earn at least 25% more than their Non-PMP certified counterparts in the industry in the US, according to a survey
    How long is the PMP Certification valid for?

    PMP certification has a validity of three years. In order to maintain and renew the PMP Certification, the candidates need to earn at least 60 PDUs for every 3 years.

    What is the average salary for a PMP Certification certified professional?

    PMP Certified Professionals have an average salary of around $107,302, which is almost double the average take home salary of other professionals.


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