We are glad that many writers are interested in contributing to the best quality content as guest authors. If you are also interested in writing for us, please get in touch with us via email at trainings@kandra.pro.

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Why does everybody prefer to contribute to Kandra Professionals ( A Learning Partner)

  1. Kandra Professionals has got a good social base and you will get good social traction on Kandra. pro social pages
  2. Article will be shared across our social pages
  3. Content will be getting an organic ranking
  4. Content will be enhanced to give a professional look
  5. Every content will be optimized for search engine
  6. Author bio will be added
  7. We nominate writers and reward them


  1. Author can pick any topic related to our domain and we will approve the topic if it is good
  2. The authors can send the topic or if necessary we will suggest the topic
  3. We will provide some alternates/synonyms for the topic
  4. Title has to be catchy and it should be written using the keywords
  5. We will provide the content structure in rare cases if the writer is still in the beginning stages and we charge for the same.
  6. Once the content is ready it will be reviewed by our editors before publishing
  7. If the content is good, it will be published
  8. We will add some creatives to it and will do all the possible corrections


  1. Content should be unique, detailed, and original. We do not accept/entertain any plagiarised content
  2. The content should be of high quality
  3. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors
  4. The article must have a word count of at least 2000 words
  5. Content should have relevant infographics or images and can also have videos
  6. Links are entertained only to the author bio
  7. Links from content can be given only for information pages
  8. Before developing content please check our website to confirm that topic has been previously covered or not
  9. The author is not supposed to publish these contents anywhere on the internet. If found the author will be black listed and the article will be removed

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