“Understanding the emergence of digital marketing for a business is utmost crucial and more importantly knowing what one can expect from the digital marketing consultants will help one to achieve  business goals and go places”

What digital marketing experts say about digital marketing

The quality of life is constantly changing and people are progressively evolving towards a brighter future and intellectuals with a sound sense of knowledge about technology. Using everything available that can simplify their lives and avoid wastage of useful resources by increasing the use of gadgets to a great degree.

With the advent of technology and people being aware of the uses of mobile phones, laptops, etc, the need for online services has gradually increased as people now explore and search for businesses available online to them.

The following objectives are beneficial for people who rely online on their businesses:

  • Promotions and marketing of products on Digital platforms.
  • Improving the visibility of the business on the internet.
  • Creating a buzz about the business on the internet.
  • Portraying the power of the brand on the internet.
  • Creating an impact to improve the conversion rate
  • Handle communication easily with the customers/users.
  • Maintain an easily accessible portfolio on the internet.

Benefits of digital marketing

  • Easy to raise funding.
  • Easy and sustainable growth
  • The future of business is going to be completely through Digital marketing and the one who understands its power will be a step ahead than the rest.
  • Digital presence of a business is one of the biggest assets for the valuation of the business and moreover, it's the only biggest asset for a few budding companies.
  • Happy customers with ease/comfort of service/content accessibility.
  • Much economical in comparison to traditional marketing.
  • Reach of audiences is in control, it's very unlikely to traditional marketing.

“Executing the Digital Marketing activities requires well versed and experienced marketers who can built impeccable strategies and take the business to another level at optimal budgets"

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Businesses are going to make a significant shift in their marketing by moving online

It all implies, with the advancement in the technology and ease of accessibility there are more chances of people going online for purchase, education and more. Any further delay in your digital marketing implementations would actually prove to be fatal to you in this competition. Take the right step today!

Not paying close attention to your online portfolio will lead to a humongous loss in your business and your competitors who are always a step ahead of you will be victorious. Make sure you do not miss out!


Take look at the two screenshots, which conveys that one of them is much ahead in their industry as they have taken a action at the right time and leading over the other.

Any delays further would create a difference between you and your competitor as shown in the below images.

  • The above image is an analytics screenshot of one of our client, which has consistent growth month on month.
  • The third result of the 2nd image is one of our clients.

Explore case studies!

Digital marketing case studies would give you a better insight on what others are doing for their digital presence. Don't skip it!


  • Most digital marketers have no idea in streamlining the actives/implementations and end of touching low priority thigs for the business
  • There are very few full stack digital marketers in the industry
  • Finding highly skilled digital marketers in not that easy
  • Many business owners rely on only one or two channels for leads/sales
  • Majority of the digital marketers haven't got exposure to everything that's actually part of digital marketing

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What does Digital Marketing encompass of?


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google AdWords/Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Display Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • App Store Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management

A successful digital marketer also looks after the offline mediums/channels which also can help in performance of digital campaigns.

Skills your full stack digital marketer to posses

  • Good Analytical thinking
  • Strong at logical reasoning
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Sound knowledge of search algorithm behavior
  • Good at data analysis and interpretation
  • Good research and market understanding capabilities
  • Hands on experience in digital marketing for all types of websites & Industries
  • Decent knowledge about web technologies
  • Decent communication skills
  • Good ms office skills
  • Good at planning and strategizing
  • Good at reporting and tracking
  • Good managerial skills
  • Good decision maker
  • Capabilities to foresee things, right estimations and actions accordingly


Our Services

Our SEO consultants are sound with the SEO knowledge and are working in the Digital marketing industry for many years, they can help you in.

  • Achieving an industry leader SEO status
  • Auditing of your current SEO
  • Setting up tracking
  • Fixing the major issues on the account
  • Redefining the SEO strategy
  • Account hygiene
  • Migration
  • Building In-house SEO team
  • Mentoring your existing teams
  • Hiring SEO professional for you
  • Knowledge transfer to business owners

And many more!


Kandr.pro consultants can build an end to end strategy in positioning you on the digital space.

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"An unhygienic and unoptimized website is the biggest barrier for your SEO performance. You will never know the number of issues a website has until an expert audits it."

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  • Around 7+ years of experience in SEO
  • Have dealt with the top Indian, Non- Indian and global brands
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  • Dedicatedly worked on Digital marketing with great achievements in career

Projects Worked:

Kandra.pro has helped the most know brands like,

Redbus.in, Babyoye, Bigbasket.com, NewsHunt.com (currently its dailyhunt, inspirock.com, traveltours.in, myhappyjourney, KnowledgeHut.com, Zeolearn, Savedesk, and many more in achieving their milestones.