“A business owner shouldn’t hire a SEO consultant if he has not acquired the knowledge about the objectives of SEO. Any step taken without basic knowledge of SEO benefits would put them in loss”

Why do so many business owners give so much of importance to SEO?

  1. Lots of free traffic to the website from search engines on a regular basis
  2. Optimized website for Users and Search engines
    • Improve the user metrics or make the website more engaging for audiences/customers coming from various sources of traffic
  3. Optimized website for all business searches/keywords
  4. Place the website on top of Google first page
  5. Improved website crawl frequency & crawl rates (which are usually measured by varieties of metrics such as DA, CR, and many other ranks)
  6. Improved conversion rates

Benefits of having SEO optimized website

  1. Organic presence of website on search engines is the most sustainable support for the business consistently
    • Gets a lot of free traffic
    • Generates Leads
    • Generates sales
    • Builds trust- Being always available on Google is perceived as the most authentic business
  2. it’s very hard to beat the business by the competitor’s when the organic presence is strong.
  3. The organic(SEO) performance of website plays a prominent role in the valuation of the business
  4. The organic search results get the high-quality traffic (Usually the conversion rates will be very high) compared to any other source of traffic

“Organic traffic comes for free and you don’t have to spend few lakhs a month on Google ads when you are happy with the organic performance of your website”

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Results for one of our client

  • The above image is an analytics screenshot of one of our client, which has consistent growth month on month.
  • The third result of the 2nd image is one of our clients.

Take Away:

  • From nowhere to on top of Google for around 10,000 keywords
  • Including long tail, keywords website ranks up for around 30,000 keywords every month
  • 7x times increase in traffic
  • 10x times improvement in leads and sales
  • No branding and still competes with the biggest brand in the industry and the accreditation body

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  • 90% of the SEO professionals in the market just know few works relates to SEO,
    • E.G: keyword research, basics of SEO, article submissions and more, they are not the real SEO strategists
  • Not all SEO professionals are good SEO marketers
  • SEO is not something as easy as Google AdWords to understand and execute
  • Very few understand how search engines work and only they can build great strategies for your business.
  • Inappropriate use of technology team time/efforts.

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What does your SEO encompass of?


  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO/Content
  • Off-page activities
  • User experience
  • Growth hacking techniques
  • Regular analysis, interpretation of data and action based on interpretation
  • Tracking

SEO encompasses many other things and which basically deals with each and every aspect that’s involved in improving the performance of website, sales, conversion rates, user experience and more.

Skills your SEO expert to posses

  • Good Analytical thinking
  • Strong at logical reasoning
  • Sound knowledge of search algorithm behavior
  • Good at data analysis and interpretation
  • Good research and market understanding capabilities
  • Hands on experience in SEO for all types of websites & Industries
  • Decent knowledge about web technologies
  • Decent communication skills

Don’t look for one specific thing, a person lagging in any one of the above skill would make them a mediocre SEO professional.

“An unhygenic and unoptimized website is the biggest barrier for your SEO perfromance. You will never know the number of issues a website has until an expert audit it.”

Our Services

Our SEO consultants are sound with the SEO knowledge and are working in the Digital marketing industry for many years, they can help you in.

  • Achieving an industry leader SEO status
  • Auditing of your current SEO
  • Setting up tracking
  • Fixing the major issues on the account
  • Redefining the SEO strategy
  • Account hygiene
  • Migration
  • Building In-house SEO team
  • Mentoring your existing teams
  • Hiring SEO professional for you
  • Knowledge transfer to business owners

And many more!

It can be anything related to the organic performance of your website, we are glad to take up the challenge and build your business portfolio to the next level.

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  • Around 7+ years of experience in SEO
  • Have dealt with the top Indian, Non- Indian and global brands
  • Proven track record in SEO performance
  • 100% success rate
  • Dedicatedly worked on SEO with great achievements in career

Projects Worked:

Manjunath has helped the most know brands like,

Redbus.in, Babyoye, Bigbasket.com, NewsHunt.com (currently its dailyhunt), inspirock.com , traveltours.in, myhappyjourney, KnowledgeHut.com, Zeolearn, Savedesk, and many more in achieving their milestones.



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