Increase App Downloads  


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02/01/2019 10:31 pm  

Any one please let me know how to improve app downloads?

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02/01/2019 10:47 pm  

Hi, here are some simple hacks which you can rely on and implement in order to increase the app downloads.

  1.     Decrease the size of the app, many times people don’t prefer downloading the app when the app size is too big. Have it less than 10 MB
  2.     Improve the app ratings and make sure the app reviews are positive, make sure that you are addressing all the reviews either negative or positive you should respond to all in order to leave an impression that you are concerned.
  3.     Use an appropriate name for your app, easy to remember and easy to spell and most specifically have the name of the app in the name of keywords E.g: VLC remote control is an app for VLC player, and this name will be very impactful rather than to have a name like “kandra”
  4.     Adopt content marketing channels which can help improving the downloads significantly, you can prefer the paid content marketing as well in case if you don’t have too much of content