Dull At Workplace? Here’s how to make it go away.

Do you know what Bill Gates and us have in common? We both have 24 hours in a day. But the difference is he uses it wisely and we lack production. We all can be Bill Gates on a condition of focusing on some points.

Do you feel tired before and even after you reach your office? Do you find your work uninteresting? Do you really really need some advice so you can get rid of this dullness that is going on with you? 

You are in the right place, mate. 

Here are some points which tell you how to increase your productivity in the workplace.

1. Meditation

We all know what good a 5-minute meditation does to us. Meditation is an Indian originated concept that includes sitting in an ideal posture silently without any outer or inner noise. You will feel some difficulty in controlling your mind at first but it will be good after sometime.

Mediation helps you release your stress, makes you feel lighter. It helps us in healing regrets or emotions, open doors of your consciousness and to new creative ideas which will really help you at work. Who knows, maybe you get an idea that would be appreciated by your boss then.

2. Make A Proper to-do list

Making a proper to-do list of what you are going to do in a day is a very important thing. This helps you get ready for an opportunity beforehand and you can be prepared. For example, if you have a meeting, there are times you forget and reach late. You will be stressed, rushed and will not be able to focus even after you reach because of the adrenaline rushing in your body. So, creating a list helps.

3. Distraction

Just like how school children should shut their mobiles off during study, an adult working in an office also gets distracted by social media and messages. Turn off the notification for every social media site so that they can’t disturb you anymore. Try not doing it but if you are still tempted, you can make a particular time for it.

4. Interest

Don’t worry, I will not say to take interest in your work. Yeah well, if you can that’s best. But if you know that you are really not interested in the work or you are doing it just for sometime to earn, its okay. Just do your work how you used to study in school. Push yourself to do that thing strictly and compulsorily.

But remember, it’s always better to do something that interests you.

5. Take Some Time Off

Maybe your boss isn’t that friendly or you are restricted to your table but taking some time off between your work is a great option to let go of stress. This will increase your rate of work. Make a particular small part of work for yourself and every time you finish a part, take a walk outside or drink a juice.

6. Eating

Always, and I repeat, always eat before at least half an hour you go off for work and eat light. Do not eat and work together. You can eat in between parts when you will take your rest as mentioned in the last point. Eating and working simultaneously will decrease your focus from your work and hence, the production rate decreases.

Eating more can make you sleepy and tired instead eating fresh fruits and drinking water makes you feel refreshed and will help you.

7. Rewards

Reward yourself how a parent does to their kid. Yup! Sometimes, we need to be a child. Every time you finish a part of your work, reward yourself with something like playing games, eating something you like etc. For example, After completing some part, you can reward yourself with some food you like and also take a walk which helps you take some time off. You may be confused by the mentioning of so many “parts of work” in different points. Don’t worry, you will understand twice.

8. Sleep

Sleep is a very important part of your day. You can party or whatever you like but take at least 4-5 hours of sleep with meditation to be active. Keep this thing for regular. People think they can sleep on weekends and will cover their sleep for a week. Can you eat your food on weekends and not eat after that the whole week?

9. Be Happy

Be satisfied with what you have or what you are doing or what you want. It’s okay if you want something you don’t have, try to achieve what you want but at the same time, be satisfied with what you have. Be thankful to yourself and God that you have reached this far with your hard work. 

There are things that you can do if you want like you want a day off but you think maybe something happens. Unless your job is at stake, go for it. Take your time. Eat. Do what you want. Money always comes back. When you will be satisfied, you will be happy. When you will be happy, you will do your work better than others.

10. Keep Your Desk Clean

“Messy Rooms Make Great Ideas”  is proved after a study in the University of Minnesota where it was found that people with the most messy rooms have the most creative ideas.

But on the other hand, if you want to focus on your work, common sense tells you that a clean room will make it easier. Obviously, if you are given a messy written notebook and a clean one what will you choose? Yeah, so you can have mess for creation but Cleanliness is needed for concentration.

So, this was all we had to tell you on how to increase your productivity at work. It may be difficult for you to figure out all these things at once, but trust me if you really want to do it, you will get your way and always be able to shine at your workplace. There are some personal experience points by the writer and some are proven. 

These points will surely be helping you in one way or another to increase your capacity to do your work and gear towards your success. Be Productive!

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