How To Earn Money Online: Make Money Online

With the growth in internet technologies making money online is easier than ever and much easier than offline or traditional ways of earning money. Offline ways of making money involves huge investments and many other difficulties in operating it even before you see some inflow of cash, whereas coming to making money online doesn’t need investment or may be very negligible amount of investment is needed, meanwhile with the increased investments you can see a huge cash flow to the individuals or businesses when they execute their strategies well.

In India at least 3 cr people earn only online and they don’t do anything else apart from being active on the internet.

In this article I am going to discuss some simple ways of earning money online without investment, people are looking for online earning opportunities as they prefer to,

  • Earn by working from home
  • Earn money in free time
  • Earn side income
  • Earn money by practicing your hobby
  • Earn money by fun

There are many easier ways of making money online, Yes, there are tons of smart people around who are making money online in various ways, some are playing mind games for fun and making money, some just pursue their hobbies and are making money, some just by doing what they like and many more ways they prefer to earning online.

Without internet, there could have been few millions jobless.

Internets contribution to India GDP by 2020 is expected to be 360000000000000 i.e. 36 lakh crores. GDP from internet contribution is expected to grow from its 6% to 16%

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There are individuals who are earning online an average amount of somewhere between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 5000000 and more and the limit is the sky.

Prerequisites to start making money online,

Before you start picking any of the option to make money online you have to get an idea on the following,

Know the basic requirements for you to start making money online,

  1. Email Id – (e.g, you should own an email id, and for that, you need to be at least 18 years old)
  2. Internet connection.
  3. Mobile number -9036998154
  4. Electronic gadget/device such as the computer, laptop, Tab or Mobile phones
  5. Basic understanding of internet technologies such as browsers, servers, App’s, website and more
  6. At least 1-3 hrs. of your time per day or 5-10 hours on a weekly basis, without this minimum time you won’t be able to see much progress

Here are some of the most popular ways of earning money online:

Create a channel on YouTube:

Since years many people are earning a hell lot by uploading their funny videos, recipes, their knowledge, the facts, interesting stories, and happening around to their youtube channel and making decent money.

People make somewhere around 1 Lac to 20 lac per month easily, they just need to upload interesting videos which can grab the attention of people. If their video is interesting it will have millions of views and make few thousands rupees or Lakhs based on the view count.

Update(Updating my article based on this information):

Sad News:

In recent times youtube has come with very strict norms for monetization of the channel and hence many YouTubers are struggling to earn from YouTube!

The New Era of Begins:

Video uploaders Still earn much more than what they used to earn by uploading to YouTube. You too can give a try, you can upload your videos both on Youtube and Videostreme and make money from both the websites. Doubling income from same videos 🙂

Videostreme has no norms in monetizing the channel, they just pay you from day one based on the views your video has got.

Another good thing is videostreme accepts all kinds of content, you can upload any kind of content and you can make money. As simple as your recipe, your trip video, your funny videos or anything, you can upload any video content and start making money from day 1.

This is one of the simple tricks that I have seen many people following in recent times to make money.

Note: Be careful, don’t upload content that’s against their policy, you may get blacklisted. Go through their policy before you upload any content there.

Make money by registering on freelancing websites:

Freelance websites are the platforms which connect the skilled people who can deliver the work that falls under their skill vicinity and the people who are looking for skilled people so that they can assign it to them and get the work done at very fewer expenses as compared to the fulltime employee or service provider companies.

There are good number of trustable freelance websites such as up work, e-lance, freelance, pay per hour and many more, on which you can register and provide the details of your expertise or skills or the works those you can handle, so that the people looking for freelancers of those skills would get in touch with you or you may have to find the projects those match your skills and bid your price, if they like your profile, your past works, your price quote they would assign that work to you and on completion of the work you would receive the payment to your PayPal account or by cheque.

Some examples of the work that you can deliver through freelance portals,

  • Can write an assignment for you at 100$
  • Can help you creating you a WordPress website at 200$
  • Can get 100 installs for your app at 100$
  • Can get 10000 likes for your facebook page at 100$

And many more.

See what you are capable of and definitely, there can be some work that you can find, bid and deliver. You don’t have to learn any skill newly, just start delivering what you know by picking on the project that you can work on.

Have a website of your own and make money online,

If you think that you can develop tons of informative or valuable content about something go ahead and build a website, you can just write about what you are comfortable and there is no need of you forcing yourself for something that’s not your domain or expertise.

E.G: I write about digital marketing and about WordPress web development at, similarly you write about the topics that you think you are good at, and it can be about anything, can be about cooking, fashion, and beauty, about sports, about technologies and more.

Here is a detailed guide on how to create a website on your own at free

Wondering how someone makes money by owning a website?

When you own a website and if you are publishing lots of content and if it is optimized for search engines or if you have an approach of building awareness about the content you may have lots of visitors flowing to your website and that’s enough to make money on the website by the following approaches,

Register for Google AdSense:

When you have lots of people visiting your website you can publish some ad’s or banners of the businesses who are looking for traction/awareness to their business, if you are building awareness about their business to the audiences of your website, they will be paying you and this is all handled by the software/platform by Google, when you register for Google AdSense.

The good thing is it’s not limited to one business, you are allowed to promote any number of business based on the quality and quantity of traffic, based on the auction bidding by business owners, based on the slots available on your website.

Promote a business on your website:

If your website is credible and also if you are credible/influential that many business owners may get in touch with you asking you to endorse their product, service or business and they pay a decent amount for that.

The amount that you receive by writing such articles or promotional content varies between Rs. 10000 to Few Lakhs.

For instance, I write such articles on my blog, here is an example-

  • Best content writing companies in India- Click here to take a look
  • Best digital marketing companies in India- Click here

Note: You have to be very careful while endorsing some business on your portal, you cannot fool your website visitors by endorsing/recommending a random company, which may not be credible in terms of any of the perspective, so make sure you always speak in perspective to help/benefit your website users

Sell a slot on your website Directly for banner ad:

You can charge a flat amount that ranges between Rs. 10000 to few lakhs a month, which again depends on the quantity and quality of the traffic.

News website is the best example for this, they sell the slots on their website for business and make decent money ranging from lakhs to crores a month.

If your website is popular or has got lots of visitor flow business owners may get in touch with you by seeing a promotion of promote/advertise with us or contact us, so one has to make sure that they are reachable to the business owners for such prospects who are looking for to promote business on your website.

Earn by providing backlinks:

Backlinks are the implementations which are part of search engine optimization in digital marketing, there are so many digital marketers out there who pay hell lot of money when a website is providing a backlink to their business website or any other website.

Earn by affiliate programs:

You can register your website on affiliate platforms and can start promoting products of other businesses so that when someone purchases a product on their website through your website you will be receiving a commission on the total price of the product.

Need Help In Setting Up A Website For You?

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Play mind games or any other game:

There are various kinds of games thus people play out of interest for it or as a hobby and earn a lot.

Dream 11 is one such, which needs a paid registration or a small investment to play online, the investment is minimal and anybody can pay.

Note: Indian government considers the games as unethical when there is money involved in it and hence you have to think carefully on this.

  • Dream11
  • Rummy

Become a digital marketer and make money:

Digital marketing or internet marketing is all about the promotion of products, services, business on the internet.

Digital marketing is simple to learn, and anybody can learn this with few hours of reading, by practice or by taking digital marketing training.

If you are interested in a month of digital marketing program, and tips to make money online through digital marketing, explore now!

Digital marketing has created few lakhs of jobs for the recent college passed outs, there is a scarcity of quality digital marketing resources.

Digital marketing provides an opportunity to work from anywhere with the computer and access to the internet

If you have acquired some knowledge about any of the channels in digital marketing you can provide services to the business who are looking for digital marketing for them.

Here are some of the digital marketing skills that help you to make money online easily,

Social media marketing:

If you have acquired knowledge about social media platforms you can start publishing some content over there and if your channel or profile is credible you can monetize it, where the respective platforms will be paying you by promoting the products through their network platform.

Also, alternatively you can directly endorse or promote the businesses and charge them directly.

Note: Building a popular channel or profile could be very simple when you are creating a value-added content to the users,

Here are some of the examples,

  • A YouTube channel which contains very good recipe videos- This kind of channel may attract a lot of audiences
  • A YouTube channel providing education, which will have free educational videos- even this may have lots of subscribers and good traction
  • A Facebook page which is publishing very good information regularly could be viral videos, images or news.

So, they publishing some amazing content to their profile or pages have grabbed lots of attention and now they can promote some product along with this content and make money or the platforms itself would give you an opportunity to be a network partner and promote businesses, for which you will be receiving money from respective platforms.

Paid marketing:

Learn paid marketing in digital marketing, so that you can provide that service to the business owners who are looking for paid marketers.

When you possess some skill which is of great demand in the market you would see a lot of leads coming to you or when you register on the freelance website a lot of people would get in touch with seeking services from you.

Search engine optimization:

It’s a skill by which you have to make the website rank on Google search results page in the top.

Search engine optimization alone have created 2 lakh jobs and meanwhile is the skill that’s most in demand.

Search engine optimization encompasses several work types and hence there will be huge scope for work in this


Content Marketing:

Selling product or service by content creation and promotion, this skill gives you an opportunity to become a guest blogger, an influential person on the internet and therefore more scope to make money online.

App store optimization:

App store optimization is a technique of making app to rank higher on the app store or play store for the search terms it is related to.

One can learn this and start delivering the service.

Online reputation management:

If you are ready to speak about business positively there are so many companies out there looking for you, they pay you decent money for every review you write on the platforms such as mouth shut, glassdoor, trsutpoilt, Google business listing and many more.

All you have to do is to maintain a network and should be available to people when someone approaches you for that work

And a couple more,


If you are looking for to learning digital marketing you can learn it from here for free,

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Learn WordPress Development:


If you are a graduate with interest in web technologies you can look for this skill, it is very simple to learn and doesn’t need any coding skill.

I have designed my website without knowledge of coding and likewise anyone can excel at WordPress development and can start making money by building the websites in WordPress.

  • A website can be built in few hours on WordPress
  • Everything will be readily available on WordPress
  • Nearly 40% of the websites on the internet are built on WordPress
  • Majority of the freelance web developers build websites on WordPress

There are similar ways of building websites by acquiring some knowledge of Joomla, Drupal, and others.

Graphic designing- Learn Photo Editing and Tools used in Photo Editing:

Website need lot of creatives/photos which are the works of the photo editors/graphic designers

The creatives and related stuff are needed for digital marketing as well and as a supporting team for web and digital marketing teams you can deliver a lot of work by sitting at home.

Also, apart from this you can handle or take up any kind of photo editing work just by being available on freelance kind of portals,

Graphic designing is one of the easy ways of making money online, by,

  • Developing creatives for ad banners
  • Logo’s for website
  • Creatives for marketing activities
  • Brochure designing
  • Website designing

And more

Graphic designers get paid anywhere between Rs. 500 to Rs. 10000 per image/creative and if a person does 10 creative a day, he can make Rs. 5000 to 1 lac a day.

Content Writing & Translation services:

If you think that you not okay with any of the above-mentioned work or if you don’t have the time to learn any of the skill, and if you think your written language is good you can become a content writer and earn well.

You can register on portals like Elance, freelance and other and get the leads, earning as a content writer may depend on the hours of work or on the word count.

A person can easily write somewhere between 2000 words to 6000 words a day easily.

You can earn better by translating the content rather than writing the content, so you can also pick this option over content writing.

Surveys and research:

There are websites related to surveys and research, you may have to conduct a survey and interpret the results of the survey and you will be paid for that.

Data entry Jobs:

Despite growth in technology always there is scope for data entry works, as initially even the programs to function or for testing at all starts with data and later if the program is working fine the manual data compilation may come down.

It is expected that the data entry jobs may come down by some of the industry experts, meanwhile some of other say with the growth in data science and digital marketing domains the data entry works increase.

One can register on any of the freelance portals and can start taking up the data entry works.

Publish a Kindle/Ebook

If you have a habit of writing and if you have written volumes of great content about something convert them to kindles and start selling on the platforms such as Amazon, booksfundr and You will have 70% royalty, you can control the price whenever you want and you will be allowed to sell across the globe, so this one may turn out to be a good option if you are passionate about writing.

Tips to earn better and more:

  1. Make sure that you are registered on all top platforms that are specific to your skills
  2. Be a member of relevant groups on Facebook, Linkedin or any other platform
  3. Make sure you are always active and spontaneous to the people who are addressing you on any of the above-mentioned platforms
  4. Maintain a good profile on the internet
  5. Make sure that you are polite to the people who are providing the work to you
  6. Have a good relationship and offline networks too


Apart from the above options, there are few tens of other options and in this discussion,  we have covered only a handful of options by considering the outcome, Genuity, sustainability, satisfaction, ease to earn, work demand and many other.

Meanwhile there are tons of websites and people who are involved in fraud and hence we don’t get into all those ways of earning discussions as which may not be ethical or which would just be faking/bluffing the people or they may not be legal as per the law of the land and hence we suggest everyone make a wise choice in picking up the right skill, platform, and work types if at all if they are desperately working towards making money online.

Also, to make money online one need to learn certain types of skills, have to be smart, need patience and also should know how to make use of the platform. The bright future is welcoming the one who develops great content or exceptionally sharp in handling the things, especially while playing mind games.

Note: Just learning skill doesn’t get work to you, hence you should know where to sell, and how to sell and that’s what brings life to your dreams.


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