Digital Marketing Channels

The day is not so far, where every business would be available online and would be using one of the digital marketing channel or all of the digital marketing channels to promote and grow their business on the internet.

If you are a business owners or marketer its very crucial to understand various digital marketing channels and its outcome, you cannot simply adopt all the channels especially when you are still in the initial stages of building your business online portfolio.

Picking the right channels at the right time helps you in the following ways

The information that I am going to share is a must needed knowledge for the business owners, as without which business owners would end up wasting time and money on,

Information about the digital marketing platforms/channels that you should be aware of is been explicitly prepared by Manjunath chowdary to help business owners to quickly grasp about all the marketing channels.

Manjunath Kandra is a Digital marketing consultant, trainer, and strategist.

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The article focuses on explaining why one needs to adopt the respective marketing channels and the expected outcome of the same.

Digital Marketing Channels overview


Why Digital Marketing ?

Benefits/Expected Outcome From Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term and has various marketing channels, and each of its purposes is different and helps a business drive leads/sales at the different level and the more details about the same are discussed below:

01: SEO- Search Engine Optimization Marketing Channel

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO Advantages

02:Paid Search Marketing Channel

Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM/AdWords)

Advantages of SEM

03: Display Marketing

display marketing

Why Display Marketing?

Advantages of display marketing

04: Online Reputation Management


Why Reputation Management?

To place the brand value (ratings, reviews & score) high in terms of quality and quantity across all the review portals such as

To place the brand value (ratings, reviews & score) high in terms of quality and quantity across all the review portals such as

Advantages of Reputation Management Channel

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06:Content Marketing Channel

Why Content marketing?

Advantages of content marketing

07:App Store Optimization

Why App Store Optimization/Marketing?

Advantages of ASO

08:Affiliate Marketing Channel

Why Affiliate Marketing?


09:Email Marketing Channels

Email Marketing 

To send emails in order to promote/sell the service/product/content to the targeted audience groups

Advantages of Email Marketing

10:Other Digital Presences



Picking the right marketing channel for the business is not an easy task especially when you don’t have much knowledge about the digital marketing channels, in fact, it’s too difficult too sometimes for marketers or agencies you hire, as they all would mostly work at the delivery level and never at the strategy level based on the product/service, target audience, cost per acquisition, ROI and the timelines.

If at all if you need any help here do not hesitate to get in touch with me, I build amazing digital marketing strategies that can easily increase your sales by at least 4-8 times and help you build your online assets in the right direction.