Work From Home Jobs – And It’s Many Perks

Benefits of Work from Home

With the advent of technology at its summit, it has now become easy and accessible for us to accomplish any task within a span of seconds with the use of a mere click. With these advancements, there has also been a contemporary concern on the well-being of people’s lifestyle and flexibility. 

“It is extremely heartening to see that flexible working is being embraced in organizations across industries, as well in traditional functional areas such as accounting and finance,” Zairus Master, CEO,, said in a statement. 

The foremost reason why most people opt for these kinds of jobs is mainly because of the exhausting commute. Utmost independence increased happiness, and location flexibility are the primary factors for a person ditching their 9 to 5 jobs for work from home jobs. 

We’ve laid down the many privileges that come with work from home jobs: 

1. Say No More to Commuting: 

Out of the many reasons to vouch for Work from home jobs is that there is no more commute involved. That sounds relieving, doesn’t it? 

As per the ‘Travel Time Report Q1 2019 vs Q1 2018’ released by office commute platform, MoveInSync Technology Solutions, for six key cities of India namely, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi-NCR, an average Indian spends 7% of their day in commuting to office averaging less than 3 minutes per kilometer. The report is based on the data accumulated from the rides on the MoveInSync platform. This ultimately means, people spend a minimum of 2 hours every day on the road. 

Work From Home Jobs gives you the supreme benefit of being able to stay at home and work as per your leisure. You no longer need to worry about tirelessly waiting in crowds for trains or buses which saves a ton of your time and energy.  A majority of people detest commuting and perceive it as depressing and stressful, and it most definitely is. The time it takes for you to reach your workplace leaves you all weary, thereby depriving you of your enthusiasm and will to work. The prime reason a majority of people opt for these jobs is that it makes their life hassle-free. 

2. Time saved is time earned:

Millions of people around the globe spend two or more hours commuting in a day and when you work in metro cities you are bound to get stuck in traffic for hours together. If we remove commuting and other factors such as getting dressed up, waiting for buses, etc, from the equation, you’ll have surprisingly enough time to take care of yourself and your family. The time saved allows one to do more work and equally increases their zeal, capacity, and productivity and most importantly patience towards their work.  There is no need for you to wake up, put on your formals or brush your hair, you can sit in your PJ’s all day long and work as you wish, this irrefutable comfort solely comes from work from home jobs

3. Complete Flexibility:

Oftentimes, when you’re given stipulated hours of work to finish an assigned task, you might not be able to do it because of some personal reasons or it takes more than usual time to complete it. Office hours come off as burdening or pressurizing in more than a few ways for an employee; there’s a great deal of competition and the vexing deadlines can lead to anxiety.

Working Mothers need time for their children as well as their work, freelance writers decide on their particular hours of work, some people are more productive during the morning while others at night; all these factors are a prerequisite for flexibility, which is not practically possible with conventional office jobs. 

People yearn for a stable work-life balance and flexibility, which is only achieved with work from home jobs as office hours do not allow this kind of liberty. You can choose your hours of working as per your convenience, do all the necessary chores and still have enough time for work. This kind of flexibility is immensely satisfying. Work from home jobs is, therefore, exceedingly advantageous. 

4. Plenty of money saved:

Looks like the solution to all the problems is completely detaching commuting from the picture. Not having to commute on a daily basis saves you a great deal of money. No more gas expenses, transport tickets, car maintenance, parking or tolls to worry about, you can also cook your own meals at home and not worry about emptying your pockets by spending on an expensive cafeteria for your lunch. 

Besides all these, people also find it expensive to get a professional wardrobe. Not having to spend money entirely on separate formalwear can save you a good sum of money which you can save or spend elsewhere. 

5. A Customizable Office of your own: 

Being able to design comfortable office space in your home can be enriching as well as fulfilling. You can stir up the quotient of your room with the soothing and calming decor to bring out the more relaxed and cheerful version of yourself. While the traditional offices require you to work on the same desk; creating your own space at home will permit you to choose specialized office equipment aligning with your comfort and ease. You could also deck out with smart devices such as Voice assistant, Smart Thermostat to make working extremely facile. 

Work from home benefits for employees is unparalleled. It allows you to create your own workspace, the one you desire and the one you feel will bring out the zeal and passion which is a requisite for your overall productivity. 

6. Hassle-free life: 

Working in an Office can be grueling for a vast majority of people. Not to forget the petty office gossip, rumors and unhealthy competition can really make a person lose his determination and aspiration to work. Some people tend to not work under pressure and this can give them additional stress and there is a depletion in their productivity. 

Work from home allows one to create an environment of their own wherein they are untethered to any kind of office chaos. It also strengthens the boss-employee relationship and boasts mutual harmony and understanding between the two. 

Work from home has benefited a lot of people. There has been a stratospheric elevation in their productivity, efficiency and overall performance as there is no distraction or disruption of any kind. They get a good amount of time to spend with their families and also focus on their hobbies or interests. It also spikes a healthy lifestyle and drives motivation. All the more reason to vouch for work from home jobs. 

7. Lower Stress: 

Working in an office, commuting and other factors can lead to a stressful life. When you’re working from home, you don’t have to worry about waking up early or reaching office on time. There’s no more distraction from your coworkers and your boss isn’t around to check on you. All this saves one from a great deal of pressure and stress which otherwise could sabotage an individual mental and physiology health

Work from home gives you an environment you’ve always yearned for. An environment of the kind that drives you to do better mentally and physically, saving you from a ton of stress and fostering a healthy and happier lifestyle.

8. Increase Productivity/Efficiency: 

According to the Airtasker study, telecommuters “worked 1.4 more days every month or 16.8 more days every year” than people who worked in an office.

Researchers found that working from home has increased productivity in the majority of employees as it eliminates commuting and other office-related commitments. When you’re no longer under the constant pressure of deadlines and weekly assignments or presentations, you save yourself from stress and cultivate a healthy lifestyle. This is a win-win situation from every angle. 

9. Healthy Relationships: 

Maintaining healthy relationships with your coworkers, work with whom your thoughts or ideas do not align can be a bit of a bummer. When your work or skills are not often appreciated you can lose the zeal to progress and that leads to a disturbing relationship in the workplace.

Work from home devoids one from all the disorderliness of the office life. The boss-employee relationship is reinforced and mutual harmony and understanding paves the way to productivity and happy life. 

10. Better Work-Life Balance:

If there’s anything a working individual deeply yearns for, is, a better work-life balance. Managing personal and professional lives can be a tricky business but thanks to work from home jobs that make it easy to maintain uniformity in different arenas of life. 


All the advantages stated above and a lot more like those of complete autonomy, stress-free life make work from home jobs a better option than traditional 9 to 5 jobs. The control of your life is entirely based on you and your schedules, you’re the master of your comfort and how you wish to work. This independence is only possible when one has a work from home job. There’s a better work-life balance which helps foster one’s intellect and growth.

Work from home jobs is amongst one of the best ideas the millennial culture has produced. With absolute independence, lack of distractions and deviations, a healthy, happy and motivated atmosphere is built to help create a productive growth.

Work from home jobs have seen a steady elevation during the past years, people have now realized it’s very significance and the derived pleasure it comes with. It also leads to a better lifestyle accounting for an individual’s escalating intellect and inspiration, all the more reason for people choosing these jobs rather than the conventional monotony. 


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