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Agile Certification Benefits

Nowadays, most companies are highly opting for the Agile approach as it has proved to be extremely successful for project management and software development. With an Agile framework, the product deliveries can be done at the right time along with high quality. Therefore, corporations are looking for individuals with Agile certifications to meet their Agile-related […]

Career Path of a Product Owner

Agile Methodology is one of the most used procedures in today’s world, not only in an IT environment but also in non-IT surroundings. Inside the Agile methodology, there are several frameworks to be found, including the most popular Scrum framework.  In the Scrum framework, the Scrum team generally consists of various team members, the Product […]

Benefits of Getting Project Management Certification

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that behind every successful IT project out there, you’ll always find a capable, highly skilled, and confident Project Manager. From software to hardware upgrades, from application development to deploying security patches, including the final rollout of the product – Project Managers are responsible for keeping the team […]

Top Skills Required To Become A Renowned Scrum Master

As per Scrum Alliance, a Scrum Master is an individual that has the ability to facilitate the product development process for the Product Owner as well as the Agile team. While developing a particular product, Scrum Masters handle the section of Scrum with their Scrum expertise. Moreover, skillful Scrum Masters are equipped with knowledge of […]

Product Owner levels

Scrum Framework is one of the most implemented frameworks among most organizations. The Scrum Team consists of three accountabilities that run the entire process of product development. They are Scrum Master, the Product Owner, and the Developers. The Product Owner’s tasks are one of the most extensive roles in the Scrum Team. They are the […]

Tips to Write Good User Stories

Agile Methodology has been widely accepted in many industries where the Scrum Framework is one of the most implemented frameworks among organizations. The implementation of Scrum by industries makes it a necessary factor for professionals to learn about the Scrum values and principles along with the Scrum Artifacts, tools, and techniques of Scrum. User Stories […]

Best Practices to Run a Sprint Planning Effectively

Sprint Planning Best Practices

In the Agile framework, a Sprint Planning meeting plays an important role in the event of Scrum, and it is broadly implemented by the Scrum Team for the development of the product. This meeting is mainly conducted to carry out discussions about product development where the Product Owner describes the top priorities, makes the team […]

Best Ways to Develop an Agile Mindset

How to develop agile mindset

In today’s dynamic & volatile work environment, adopting the Agile way of thinking should be the way to move forward. Most current-day organizations, not only in the Information Technology sector, have directly embraced the Agile methodology with vigor and thereby have been able to bring a massive alteration in the way they conduct their business.  […]

Best Tips/Ways to Build an Agile Workforce for Organizational Success

Agile Workforce Planning

There’s no denying that forming a close-knit group of productive employees is one of the most desired goals for any ambitious company out there. Due to the increase in the amount of market competition along with quickly evolving customer interests and lesser product life cycles, organizations are faced with two options: Proceeding to become Agile […]

Scrum Alliance Vs

Scrum Alliance vs

Scrum Alliance and are two different most reputed and globally renowned Organizations for Scrum. Both of these companies are separate in their missions, leadership goals, approaches, and focus. Therefore, it’s extremely essential to learn about the differences between the two – in terms of certifications & courses.  Keeping the same in consideration, in this […]

Most Common Agile Myths And Misconceptions

Even though most software companies out there proceed to implement Agile methodologies successfully for their project development, there are still some usual Agile myths and misconceptions that are floating around in the market. These misconceptions are highly necessary to be debunked so that more organizations could come forward and implement Agile for their requirements.  Furthermore, […]

Phases in Software Development

Phases in Software Development

Software development or product development is nothing but to develop software using different phases and deliver it on the market at the right time. The overall process of software development is undertaken with the team by taking their views into consideration about the product. Customers are looking for valuable products in the market, and their […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Scrum

Advantages and Disadvantages of Scrum

Scrum is one of the most implemented frameworks among Agile Methodology. Many organizations have adopted Scrum as it is lightweight, easy to understand, and very helpful in developing innovative and complex development projects. In the 14th State of Agile annual report, it was revealed that almost 36% of the respondents use Scrum as their project […]

Scrum: How It Is Helpful for Professionals

There’s no denying that Scrum is one of the most effective approaches in managing software development in the best possible manner. Scrum can be defined as a  framework for development that essentially streamlines the practices & procedures that assist in managing the activities behind software development.  In the IT industry, the overall success rate of […]

Importance of Teamwork in the Workplace

A subtle art.  Okay let’s start the topic with pronouncing a word like “SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS”, Tough? Indeed it’s tough to pronounce but this word simply used define someone/something as “WONDERFUL”. See the point I want to make by all this façade is that, in life there are plenty of things that might look complicated from outside […]

Top 10 Technology Courses To Learn

The new technologies have revolutionized the labor market is an irrefutable reality in the world in which we live. We have spent years seeing how digitization, artificial intelligence or augmented reality are trending, and not only in the world of technology. These innovations have meant a qualitative leap in the way we work and there are more […]

Top Tips To Upskill Your Workforce Team

Upskill Your Workforce Team

Introduction It is delightful watching Grand Prix F1 Racing – fast,  furious, and devilishly dangerous when you consider the razor-sharp hairpin bends that are being negotiated. Every driver is accomplished at the art of racing, yet only one wins the race – every time. The reason for this is that, besides the upskilling of the […]

Habits of Highly Productive People

Productive People

Introduction We have great admiration for productive people, especially, in the industry. They are a much sought after breed of people. It would be wise to examine the concept of productivity before we proceed to emulate productive people. Does productive mean efficient or effective? We are efficient when we do things right; we are effective […]

Hobbies – a Thrust to Your Professional Career

Just imagine the following scenario: you are a thoroughly qualified professional at your workplace, always the go-to professional in the organization. With your career development assuredly on the ascendant curve, how could hobbies ensure consolidation of the ascendant curve? Let us examine the subject matter. Hobby – a Definition A hobby is a voluntary regular […]

Why is Continuous Learning Important in the Workplace?

Learning Important

Introduction  Continuous learning is of great importance today both for employees and organizations. It is a paradigm shift that brooks no delay and calls for serious ongoing action from progressive organizations. Continuous learning is a process of “going on learning” over a lifetime even after the workplace is long gone. This is a vital aspect […]

Effective Ways to resolve workplace conflicts


Generally speaking, conflict occurs with self, other human beings, the environment, or the supernatural. Conflict arises because parties in interaction possess mutually incompatible goals, a mismatch of social values and structures. None of us in living memory can deny the existence of a conflict. We are constantly surrounded by it, oftentimes experience it, and many […]

Effective Management of Diversity In the Workplace: Work Ethics And Values


How many of you remember the first day of your interview or more precisely the first day of your office or the get-together parties of your company? If you remember correctly in your job interviews you have noticed different people coming from different backgrounds having different points of view and a different approach to the […]

Best Content Writing Companies In Ahmedabad

In today’s digitally powered age, an organization’s digital presence defines its success or failure. While the popularity of a website depends on numerous factors, the role of quality content cannot be ignored. This forms the divide between a potential client ignoring the website after reading the first page or someone looking to shift their service […]

Must Have Content Marketing Tools That Make Work Productive

Content Marketing

According to the latest report, the annual growth of content marketing will go by $217.3 billion until 2021. Now the question arises why countless companies are spending their time and money on content marketing. And the answer to this question is content marketing is the compelling method by which businesses get great value and growth […]

WordPress Speed Optimization

wordpress speed optimization

WordPress websites optimized for speed do miracles, as they help the business owners and the webmaster to achieve their goals and meanwhile, the unoptimized WordPress websites have put them in trouble for decades together and finally they decide to rely less on the internet presence for their business success. Don’t ever get into this problem […]

Why Learn Digital Marketing

Digital marketing need to this internet era is very much needed with the growth in web and web technologies, increased usage of internet and gadgets across the globe has topped up the digital marketers need further, with the shift of offline to online across various verticals have given a significant rise of digital marketing implementation […]

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization implementation have doubled, tripled and increased the sales, leads, and revenue of businesses by many folds. If you are a business owner or a digital marketer you have to know about this one simple skill of optimizing your website for conversions. The article covers complete details around conversion rate and optimization, follow […]

How To Check Website Backlinks- 5 Backlink Checker Tools You Should Know

website backlink checker tools

Understanding the number of websites pointing to your website and action based on that is very crucial as many times this helps your website to perform exceptionally good on search engines, always holding your keywords SERP on the top fold of google first page. Meanwhile, there are very high chances of wrong domains pointing to […]

Top Content Writing Companies In India

How can business owners and marketers benefit by working with these content writing companies in India? I own a digital marketing company and often need content, which means I need to engage with freelance content writers and content writing firms on a regular basis. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? According to SEMrush, creating content that resonates […]

Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Bangalore

There are a myriad of great Digital Marketing Companies in Bengaluru. But to choose the best amongst all of them is quite a task. A successful Digital Marketing Agency is the one that increases profits and ROI, transform brand presence, understands your marketing or business goals well and strategize a plan that will work for […]

Every Thing About Organic Marketing

  The most reputed businesses across the globe are all the grown organically over a period of time and today stood as the biggest giants on the internet. This article covers discussion around the following: The definition of organic marketing Types of Organic marketing channels Benefits of organic marketing channels Organic marketing strategy Steps in […]

Small Businesses Marketing Strategies That Work

Marketing is very expensive especially when businesses are looking for expansion or for a significant increase in their transactions in a short period of time.   A natural growth on the steady phase may not be that expensive, but when a business is expecting aggressive growth despite its current state in terms of business credibility […]

Keyword Research Tutorial – Step By Step Guide

Keyword research is one of the most important things to be considered by digital marketers especially if they are new to the domain, or in the case have a limited knowledge about the product or services delivered by the businesses. Experienced digital marketers may not necessarily prefer keyword research for all the products/services they deal […]

What is Off-page SEO: Everything About the Off-site SEO

Digital marketers also refer off-page SEO to, Off-site SEO Off-page activities Backlinks Citations to website   This article covers The Definition of Off-page Types of links & objectives Types of Bots Types of Websites for Off-page Why Off-page SEO has to be done for a website Picking right anchor text Is off-page needed for credible […]

The Requested URL / Was Not Found On This Server. That’s All We Know- Google Cache Problem Solved

webcache error

“The severity of the Google Cache problem (File not found on the server) could be very high and finding the actual reasons for it is very crucial! As a webmaster or as an SEO professional you cannot ignore this.” If you are trying to find the Google cached version of your website through browser, the […] Website Study- 10 Min Quick Brief/Audit of Website

Report Date: 18 November 2015 Queries Addressed: Why Optimizing your website is Important? What happens if the website is not optimized What happens if no digital marketing is done How to quickly review the positive and Negative sides of a website? Website Overview: Service: Free Directory/listing website for car traders, where various car trade companies […]

Finding Drop In Organic Search Traffic- Case Study Of Client

drop in organic traffic

This case study is addressing several concerns from stakeholders and the concerns were as follows: Drop in organic traffic without any changes to the website Majority of the drop is mainly for one specific region A significant drop in conversion rates The drop is across all channels and comparatively higher drop is from organic channel Organic […]

What’s The Best Alternative For E-mail Marketing

  E-mail marketing is one of the biggest marketing channels for many organizations, but meanwhile, the revenues coming from e-mail marketing channels is depreciating year on year for the business who are completely relying on email marketing for the following reasons:   The strict GDPR (General Data Protection Laws) or E-mail marketing spam laws in […]

7 SEO content Writing Guidelines/Instructions For Digital Marketers & Content Writers:

  Any piece of content published on the internet is more fruitful to users and search engines if and only if the content writer has a basic understanding about how users and Google bots are going to give importance to their writing. It is more demanding for both content writers and search engine optimizers (SEO) […]

Is KnowledgeHut’s Backlink Profile Better Than Simplilearn’s?

Study: KnowledgeHut Vs. Simplilearn Backlink Profile Report Date: 15 August 2018 KnowledgeHut and Simplilearn are two big players in the education domain and are been into the professional training and certification for a while. Simplilearn was founded at least 3 years earlier than KnowledgeHut and it is also being funded since 2012, whereas KnowledgeHut started […]

Digital Marketing Monthly Reporting Format & Template

“You will never win until you start realizing the importance of reviewing your implementation and its progress on a regular basis” This digital marketing monthly report is built by Kandra Digital to help digital marketers and to simplify the tracking month on month. This report includes tracking of SEO metrics, Social Media Metrics, Paid Marketing […]

Drop In Organic Search Traffic- Problem Solved

  “Never neglect finding the reason for drop in organic traffic regardless of its range, small or big, it actually signifies many serious underlying problems and not addressing those problems would impact big on traffic, user engagement and Conversion rates” Coming back to the problem of a drop in SEO traffic! One of our client […]

Everything That Digital Marketing Business Development/Sales Professionals To Know

It’s very crucial that all the business development executives or sales professions to know if they are specifically selling the digital marketing services. I strongly believe that a sales professional shouldn’t approach the business owners or companies if he/she is planning to pitch the digital marketing services without some of these insights that I am […]

The Quickest Way To Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Business

  “You always need some credible person to be speaking about you in order to position you or make you popular/credible. You cannot expect to be credible by speaking for yourself!” Wikipedia is one that brings in value for your profile/business. A Bit About Wikipedia Why does a business need wikipedia page?   People consider […]

Facts You Cannot Deny Knowing About Content Marketing

Marketing content writing– Content has to be written from the marketing perspective, the person who is writing articles should possess marketing knowledge. Marketing is easy when a person has got an adequate knowledge about the product and is serving it to the end user with the focus on objectives Content promotion– Promotion of content to […]

How to Improve The Click through Rate (CTR) Of Organic Search Results Of website?

Many digital marketers know a lot about CTR and many business owners who are involved in the digital marketing implementation for their business also would have come across about this and here is a quick brainstorm for both Digital marketers and business owners on what is CTR and How it can be improved. Definition of […]

Best Work From Home Options For Women Struggling To Balance Professional & Personal Life

Struggling To Balance Professional & Personal Life? Many women struggle to balance the professional life and personal life and this scenario happens in most of the households. A woman has a lot of responsibilities at her home and for a person bearing such huge responsibilities of family and work, it becomes a tedious task to maintain […]

All You Have To Know About Display Ads, Targeting & Ad Content

Display Advertising

They’re everywhere! From the radios blaring in your cars down to the wrapping paper that covers your takeout food, advertisements(ads) are everywhere. There is probably no sphere of communication that ads have not used to their advantage to sell and market different products and services. Of all of them, Display Ads seem to be in […]

Best Career Options for Unhappy Sales Professionals- Shift to Digital Marketing

career transition to digital marketing

Sales professionals form an integral part and a core of any business, without them the complete organization’s efforts would be futile. Despite market demand, they are still not happy and are looking for best career options, and this usually happens in the initial stages of their sales career. For a sales professional it’s important to […]

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