Qmotortrader.com Website Study- 10 Min Quick Brief/Audit of Website

Report Date: 18 November 2015

Queries Addressed:

  • Why Optimizing your website is Important?
  • What happens if the website is not optimized
  • What happens if no digital marketing is done
  • How to quickly review the positive and Negative sides of a website?

Website Overview:

  1. Service: Free Directory/listing website for car traders, where various car trade companies in Qatar can be listed to improve their business of buy, sell and rent of Cars.
  2. Website Age: less than 3 years (2years, 3 months)
  3. Current Traffic details are not available at the traffic to the site could be negligible.
  4. Website content presented in both English and Arabic languages.

Market Potential:

Excluding the Car trade/dealer company names the generic searches for the car- sell, buy and rent will comprise around 50K-60K searches from the Qatar region. Considering the car trade companies the sum of searches would be much more, the trader’s name can comprise for another 30%-40% of the generic searches or could be more than that.



Qatarliving and olx.qa are the general directories and rank up for most of the variations related to the car in the first 2-3 positions always on the SERP.

The other exact business competitors are as follows:

  1. oasiscars.net, qatar.yallamotor.com, and nissanqatar.com are the major competitors and are performing well on SEO.
  2. The other players like qatarauto.com, qatar.hatla2ee.com, qatarautosale.com, carmudi.qa, and qatarsale.com are equally strong as qmotortrades.com and can take up anytime with their improved SEO efforts.
  3. The other player like jaidahautomotive.com, expatwoman.com, timeoutdoha.com, and justhere.qa are low on their SEO performance but which are also optimized for car-related variations.

The competitor details are as follows:

Website Index Count PR DA Domain age Keyword count Alexa global Alexa local Trusted Flow Citiation Flow Backlinks ref.domains Visits
oasiscars.net 1,960 3 17 4 Y,9 M 18 696863   16 38 111 37 4K
qatar.yallamotor.com 5,13,000 29 2 Y, 3 M 335 31641 212 13 36 984 65 25K
nissanqatar.com 1,480 4 30 11 Y,7 M 38 649925 25 40 18321 123 5K
qmotortrader.com 21,800 15 2 Y, 3 M 12 252364 7 21 24547 50  
qatarauto.com 10,200 2 20 8 Y, 0 M 6 1245452 12 34 2700 140  
qatar.hatla2ee.com 3,020 0 29 2Y, 9 M 3 20615 367 5 25 28 16 6K
qatarautosale.com 7,310 0 21 3 Y, 6 M 0 1229382 1 24 51 18  
carmudi.qa 497 20 1 Y, 5 M 1 14148027 15 31 210 43  
qatarsale.com 1,31,000 4 31 8 Y, 0 M 39 28500 42 120 65 1148 263 150K
jaidahautomotive.com 126 2 22 5 Y, 5 M 2 631663 12 36 12549 30  
expatwoman.com 4,24,000 31 11Y,  4 M 2182 20709 98 32 56 28870 924 260K
timeoutdoha.com 2,30,000 6 36 7Y, 11 M 64 219953 877 31 48 115734 347 15K
justhere.qa 2,840 4 20 2 Y, 9 M 25 400131 1300 15 33 2306 254 10K

Current Status/Performance of website on search engines:

  1. Qmotortraders is a new website with domain age of only 2 years, 3 months and needs more SEO efforts to compete with the old and highly credible websites.
  2. The Domain authority is just 15, which is least compared to any player in the above table. Have to improve the DA to stabilize the keyword rankings.
  3. The quality of external links is very low, which would actually impact on the natural performance of the website on search engines. Need to disavow the links and have to build links from credible links.
  4. Website ranks on SERP for not more than 12-20 keywords.

Website technical aspects from SEO perspective:

  1. There are a lot of internal server errors and many times the web pages are not served to customers, which also is a hurdle for SEO.
  2. There are too many “Not Found(404)” pages and 601 status errors on the system
  3. The website loads quickly and the score is good.
  4. Fixing the following like the cache enables, expiry set up, compressing the files and CDN can help to improve the performance of the site further.

Website Design from SEO perspective:

  1. There is a large amount of inline CSS and JS which can be made external.
  2. Invalid Mark up exists on the HTML
  3. At several instances, the valid information/content on the page is on small fonts
  4. A content block has to be added on all the webpage types
  5. The header navigation can be improved both from SEO and User perspective like the mention of the top traders, offers, promotional products, deals etc.
  6. The current design doesn’t help for bot navigation and link juice flow on the site.

SEO- On-page:

  1. The basic optimization is missing on the site,
    1. There are around 21,800 pages index on google and most of the pages have the same title or description and on many pages, there is no description at all.
    2. There are multiple H1s or no H1s
    3. The images don’t have alt text
    4. There are many broken links on the website
    5. No breadcrumb, schema/rich snippets, no sitemaps and
    6. The URL structure can be improved, can have a trader name mentioned in the URL instead of just ID
    7. The internal navigation on the site has to be restructured and the pagination code has to be implemented on the website wherever is necessary.
    8. There is no SEO content on any the web pages and the website is not SEO optimized. Has thin web pages and can be hurt by the Panda algorithm anytime or might have already penalized.


  1. There are around 24k backlinks built from 50 domains and the quality of the links is very poor. The existing links have to be disabled and have to build the credible links.
  2. The activities on the site without fixing the links can have an impact of penguin algorithm.
  3. Competitors have a decent link profile with comparatively better trust flow and citation ranks.

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