7 Tips in Choosing The Right Career For You

“How to find the right career for me?” If you are asking yourself this question, you are trying to find yourself.
Congratulations! You have taken the first step to know what’s right for you in your life. At one point or another, every person asks themselves this question: how to find the best career for me; be it a school student, College learner or any grown-up still trying to live their best life.

Let’s be honest, Work takes more than half of your time in life. So what’s better than trying to find the best career for you? Follow the steps below to equip yourself with the knowledge of how to know what career is right for you!

1. Find yourself before you find a career:

How many times have we heard adolescents talk about trying to “find oneself”. *Figure yourself out first*. Know what kind of subjects, topics, activities interest you. Ask yourself what makes you happy:

●  What classes did you like best at school?
●  What activities you enjoy doing that can be part of a lucrative career?
●  When everything seems wrong, what do you do that cheers you up?
●  What topics and subjects are you fascinated by?

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When you discover these things about yourself, you have the base you need to try to decide around what area or field you want to work, what role you want to play in a team. This will help you pick the right career. Make what you love doing, your career! But don’t forget, every job has its ups and downs, and dues to pay. If you’re really passionate about something, then paying the dues won’t stop you from getting the right career!

2. Find your strengths and improve on them:

Assess what you are good at and make them as your assets.

Improve your skills: Find the relevant courses and colleges if needed. Know the Skills you require and commit to acquiring them.

Find an aptitude test to find your best qualities. Ask yourself do you work better in groups or alone? Do you have the required leadership skills?

For example, check out the latest technology used, skills required for the job of graphic design: are you familiar with the workings of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw? Have fun with them! If you’re thinking of writing, look at various writing tools available online, listen to tips given by the established writers themselves. Equip yourself with editing software, how to use them, and for videography, likewise, learn the various aspects of how to use light for your photography. The possibilities in today’s dynamic world are endless. So every talent is valuable!

See if the field you are interested in requires formal training. If it does, research various degrees and courses available at different universities or colleges. Go through their online prospectus, teaching module, and decide what’s right for you.

Get new sets of skills by joining evening classes, distance education, or online courses that add to your career. Watch online tutorials for some pointers. Read relevant books and success stories!

Just like it’s never too late to start, it’s never too early to start either.

3. Find a career where your passion, reliable income, what you can contribute to the world, meet:

Every one of us has a unique contribution to give to the world. When you know what you like to do, and when you’re passionate about it to pursue as your career, know how you are helping others too by your work. It encourages you to keep going and adds meaning to life.

If you’re passionate about Science, Medicine, or Engineering, realize how much direct or indirect contribution you are making towards innovating civilization. If you’re passionate about Visual Arts, look how much great work of art affects the psychological well-being of people. A single painting, drawing can tell so many stories and please the eyes of the beholder. So one way or another we are all helping each other.

4. Explore various job opportunities

Based on the keyword or field you’re interested in try to explore various job opportunities. For example:

“Writing Jobs”
“Photography jobs”
“Graphic design jobs”
“Marketing jobs”
“Opportunities in medicine”
“Teaching jobs”
“Acting auditions”

Go through job descriptions and look for what suits you best in the field you searched for. Do they look like something you are interested in doing? Try to acquire the required skills of the desired job. There are various types of jobs and roles to work in a single field. Look for a job where two of your interests can be met!

The world is full of opportunities one should know how to find them and monetize their skills.

It’s never too late to find yourself and find a new career.

5. Try freelancing or interning for the desired field:

That way you understand the inner workings of it and have a more first-hand experience to know what to expect in your job and what is expected of you.

Try volunteering, it helps you, your community, and your career.

6. Be patient:

Don’t lose hope at minor setbacks and failures, keep trying! Remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Long term success seldom happens overnight. So keep working towards what’s right for you, build up a foundation, and launch yourself to success without losing hope.

7. Don’t be disheartened by others:

Let them second guess you, let them be skeptics of your success. But don’t let them discourage you. You are the owner of all your thoughts, you are the one who knows you best. So don’t let people’s doubt define you. Hear them out, rationalize with them, but don’t let anyone tell you what you are capable of. When you know how to choose the best career for you, you can live up to your full potential.


All in all, it can get very overwhelming, but you have to firmly decide on just one main career that works best for you. With that as your main focus and dedication, you can try your hand at various related interests of yours and keep moving forward.

Good Luck!