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Career Path of a Product Owner

Agile Methodology is one of the most used procedures in today’s world, not only in an IT environment but also in non-IT surroundings. Inside the Agile methodology, there are several frameworks to be found, including the most popular Scrum framework.  In the Scrum framework, the Scrum team generally consists of various team members, the Product […]

Benefits of Getting Project Management Certification

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that behind every successful IT project out there, you’ll always find a capable, highly skilled, and confident Project Manager. From software to hardware upgrades, from application development to deploying security patches, including the final rollout of the product – Project Managers are responsible for keeping the team […]

Top Skills Required To Become A Renowned Scrum Master

As per Scrum Alliance, a Scrum Master is an individual that has the ability to facilitate the product development process for the Product Owner as well as the Agile team. While developing a particular product, Scrum Masters handle the section of Scrum with their Scrum expertise. Moreover, skillful Scrum Masters are equipped with knowledge of […]

Product Owner levels

Scrum Framework is one of the most implemented frameworks among most organizations. The Scrum Team consists of three accountabilities that run the entire process of product development. They are Scrum Master, the Product Owner, and the Developers. The Product Owner’s tasks are one of the most extensive roles in the Scrum Team. They are the […]

Tips to Write Good User Stories

Agile Methodology has been widely accepted in many industries where the Scrum Framework is one of the most implemented frameworks among organizations. The implementation of Scrum by industries makes it a necessary factor for professionals to learn about the Scrum values and principles along with the Scrum Artifacts, tools, and techniques of Scrum. User Stories […]

Best Practices to Run a Sprint Planning Effectively

Sprint Planning Best Practices

In the Agile framework, a Sprint Planning meeting plays an important role in the event of Scrum, and it is broadly implemented by the Scrum Team for the development of the product. This meeting is mainly conducted to carry out discussions about product development where the Product Owner describes the top priorities, makes the team […]

Best Ways to Develop an Agile Mindset

How to develop agile mindset

In today’s dynamic & volatile work environment, adopting the Agile way of thinking should be the way to move forward. Most current-day organizations, not only in the Information Technology sector, have directly embraced the Agile methodology with vigor and thereby have been able to bring a massive alteration in the way they conduct their business.  […]

Best Tips/Ways to Build an Agile Workforce for Organizational Success

Agile Workforce Planning

There’s no denying that forming a close-knit group of productive employees is one of the most desired goals for any ambitious company out there. Due to the increase in the amount of market competition along with quickly evolving customer interests and lesser product life cycles, organizations are faced with two options: Proceeding to become Agile […]

Scrum Alliance Vs

Scrum Alliance vs

Scrum Alliance and are two different most reputed and globally renowned Organizations for Scrum. Both of these companies are separate in their missions, leadership goals, approaches, and focus. Therefore, it’s extremely essential to learn about the differences between the two – in terms of certifications & courses.  Keeping the same in consideration, in this […]

Most Common Agile Myths And Misconceptions

Even though most software companies out there proceed to implement Agile methodologies successfully for their project development, there are still some usual Agile myths and misconceptions that are floating around in the market. These misconceptions are highly necessary to be debunked so that more organizations could come forward and implement Agile for their requirements.  Furthermore, […]