Monthly Archives: August 2018 Website Study- 10 Min Quick Brief/Audit of Website

Report Date: 18 November 2015 Queries Addressed: Why Optimizing your website is Important? What happens if the website is not optimized What happens if no digital marketing is done How to quickly review the positive and Negative sides of a website? Website Overview: Service: Free Directory/listing website for car traders, where various car trade companies […]

Finding Drop In Organic Search Traffic- Case Study Of Client

drop in organic traffic

This case study is addressing several concerns from stakeholders and the concerns were as follows: Drop in organic traffic without any changes to the website Majority of the drop is mainly for one specific region A significant drop in conversion rates The drop is across all channels and comparatively higher drop is from organic channel Organic […]

What’s The Best Alternative For E-mail Marketing

  E-mail marketing is one of the biggest marketing channels for many organizations, but meanwhile, the revenues coming from e-mail marketing channels is depreciating year on year for the business who are completely relying on email marketing for the following reasons:   The strict GDPR (General Data Protection Laws) or E-mail marketing spam laws in […]

7 SEO content Writing Guidelines/Instructions For Digital Marketers & Content Writers:

  Any piece of content published on the internet is more fruitful to users and search engines if and only if the content writer has a basic understanding about how users and Google bots are going to give importance to their writing. It is more demanding for both content writers and search engine optimizers (SEO) […]

Is KnowledgeHut’s Backlink Profile Better Than Simplilearn’s?

Study: KnowledgeHut Vs. Simplilearn Backlink Profile Report Date: 15 August 2018 KnowledgeHut and Simplilearn are two big players in the education domain and are been into the professional training and certification for a while. Simplilearn was founded at least 3 years earlier than KnowledgeHut and it is also being funded since 2012, whereas KnowledgeHut started […]

Digital Marketing Monthly Reporting Format & Template

“You will never win until you start realizing the importance of reviewing your implementation and its progress on a regular basis” This digital marketing monthly report is built by Kandra Digital to help digital marketers and to simplify the tracking month on month. This report includes tracking of SEO metrics, Social Media Metrics, Paid Marketing […]

Drop In Organic Search Traffic- Problem Solved

  “Never neglect finding the reason for drop in organic traffic regardless of its range, small or big, it actually signifies many serious underlying problems and not addressing those problems would impact big on traffic, user engagement and Conversion rates” Coming back to the problem of a drop in SEO traffic! One of our client […]

Everything That Digital Marketing Business Development/Sales Professionals To Know

It’s very crucial that all the business development executives or sales professions to know if they are specifically selling the digital marketing services. I strongly believe that a sales professional shouldn’t approach the business owners or companies if he/she is planning to pitch the digital marketing services without some of these insights that I am […]