Who Is Manjunath Kandra

Manjunath Kandra is a well known digital marketer in the industry with an overall experience of around 8 years in digital marketing!

  • Helped 200+ companies
  • Well known in the industry as a consultant or advisory for the SEO implementations for free
  • An engineer and an MBA graduate with vast experience in all laterals of marketing
  • Mentoring the young talents out of passion (not charging a fee) to build great digital marketers for the upcoming generations

Kandra builds digital marketing strategies those take the business to new heights and he is well known for his unique implementations and approaches in the industry.

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Whats app- +918147378971 or E-mail kandradigital@gmail.com

Kandra's Digital Marketing Skills

Kandra is a full stack digital marketer and has expertise on all core channels of digital marketing!

  • Kandra has hands-on experience in digital marketing and is currently leading the marketing teams
  • He addresses almost all kind of issues and provides solutions
  • He is a go-to person if you are finding a drop in traffic for your website, if your AdWords campaigns are not working, or if you need a brilliant strategy for social media marketing

Industries Kandra worked for!

Kadra has implemented digital marketing for various businesses catering to categories such as education, travel & leisure, hospitality, e-commerce, healthcare, banking, and finance, manufacturing companies, Real estate, Mobile wallet, and recharge, News and many more.

Most of the companies that Kandra has worked for are the biggest in their domains!

Manjunath Kandra is extremely strong in search engine optimization and search engine marketing, he has worked for India's biggest brands and has also handled AdWords of spending more than a crore per month.

  • Created wonders on technical SEO
  • Technically implementations suggested are unique and biggest hacks in the industry
  • Sound with the logical and reasoning implementations
  • Well known for data-driven implementations
  • Have built amazing content strategies for organizations catering to various industries
  • Won the best content marketer award

How Kandra is contributing to the digital marketing community?

  • Helping digital marketers or business owners by answering their questions
  • Have devised courses in simple and easily understandable language
  • Helping digital marketers clearing the interviews
  • Helping marketers find jobs in their dream companies
  • Helping every website related to digital marketing by providing free do-follow backlinks
  • Providing free templates and reports for digital marketers

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What Kandra Digital does?

  • Kandra does everything around digital marketing, but right now not into digital marketing services, and addresses all kinds of questions on the forum those are posed to him and one can take all the advantage of this.

  • kandra provides free digital marketing trainings and also helps them to find the Job, one can also learn digital marketing by exploring the learn digital marketing section below

  • Kandra helps digital marketers to clear their interviews, assistance to clear the interviews will be provided one can seek the advice of Kandra for free or can pose the question on the forum.

  • Kandra helps you with the digital marketing templates such as reports, planning and strategy templates, backlinks list, monthly report templates, and more.

  • Kandra provides a do-follow backlink for free from its website to digital marketing and related websites and non-other than digital marketing

  • Kandra digital marketing job portals help digital marketers to find their dream job, so anyone can register on Kandra digital marketing recruiting portal for free and grab the digital marketing opportunities.

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