The First Step In Digital Marketing

As an SEO Analyst

Manjunath started his career as an SEO analyst at one of the reputed Digital Marketing agency in the year 2012.

Manjunath never dreamt of digital marketing career, he had attended the interviews at multiple organizations and had offer letters for different roles, such as a technical support lead, as a technical recruiter, as a business development lead, as a data analyst, as a content writer, and as an SEO analyst, he had around 6 offers and was not in a position to decide which one to go with, hence now he had to be biased and has to make decisions when he has not made up anything in his mind. That's the moment he got attracted to the Google analytics dashboards that he has come across in his interview at the digital marketing agency and that's the moment one of his friend who was already working as an SEO analyst guided to perceive a career in digital marketing and that's his first step towards digital marketing.

Manjunath had to take this up as this is the only interview of those 5-6 he found it to be interesting in that particular month with lots of Analytical, Logical and reasoning questions and that's what made him feel that this role is going to be great!


Initial Months as an SEO Analyst:

Kandra was working hard with the help of the mentor and since its a small team sized only 4 people and had many projects he had an opportunity to work on all types of work, he was extremely involved and was in fond of every single thing that he used to come across.

Through kandra was working hard, working very productively the visibilty was poor due to the immediate reporting managers

Kandra's Vision

Manjunath Kandra envisions of evolving the current market into a well established one where the best of people's interests are showcased. He is intrigued by the very essence of Digital Marketing and it's deeper insights.
The entire interflow of marketing, technical and data analysis and interpretation is another facet that makes him want to go deeper into knowing and learning more.
Kandra is an individual with unprejudiced thoughts and is driven to break all stereotypes, not only does he talk about it, but actually implements. For instance, in his initiative at  he is providing absolutely free training for housewives and admitting 10 students for a free course. He firmly believes in eradicating unemployment and erasing all orthodox norms by providing Jobs for women.
He has worked for a lot of companies and has a track record of achieving an exercised set of rules and has accomplished in every spectrum.
Manjunath Kandra endeavors to learn more about Digital Marketing and become a well-known resource person in this sphere. He desires to be assistance to as many as brighter minds who are devoid of opportunities.

Manjunath Kandra

Founder & CEO

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Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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